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I’m taking a short detour from  pop culture with this post so I do apologize but I wanted to share this. When I have time and get bored…which lately is rare since I’ve been busy at work…I watch Chandler’s Wildlife.

I ran across this guy’s youtube channel. Chandler Kamenesh works at a zoo or wildlife refuge. The guy is passionate about King Cobras . He personally owns two (Kevin and Justina) and he free handles all of the venomous snakes, alligators, and reptiles there including Rattle Snakes and Black Mambas. He has traveled to rescue King Cobras from danger. He recently went to Thailand to rescue 10 King Cobras locked in a concrete and wire housing. He uses his youtubes channel money for projects like that…  

Chandler is in his early twenties and keeps you entertained by being somewhat goofy but I mean that in a good way. He genuinely loves reptiles and it shows. He has done this most of his life and is recognized as an expert in reptiles. 

Once I started to watch one…I got hooked. Now when I have some downtime I will watch a new video post. 

Like I said…Chandler can be goofy but he is serious and caring about these reptiles. The second video is much more serious and it shows him in Thailand rescuing the cobras. 


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29 thoughts on “Chandler’s Wildlife”

  1. Not sure I’d want to be near a cobra. I’ve been near a python – my sister had one as a pet (unsurprisingly called Monty!!). All it wanted to do was to curl up in the armchair I was sitting in, behind me, to get warm from my body heat. That was after it’d had dinner – usually a rodent. But I’m not so keen on venemous snakes…

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    1. Thanks Tref…I didn’t know if people would really like it. I love learning about animals and he makes it fun…and I have to admire the guy for doing what he loves.

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  2. Just finished watching Chandler and his buddies bag up those 10 King Cobras. Impressive! Also subscribed to his channel. Snakes don’t scare me as I know how much good they do in the keeping vermin under control. That said, I have no desire to have one get close. I held one at some point and remember being surprised at how they feel.

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    1. I’ve never held one before…my nightmare as a kid was landing in a rattlesnake pit…i had it over and over.
      Thanks for watching! You can tell he really likes them…I can’t imagine free handling a cobra…

      I do like rat snakes and such…they kill mice but I dont’ want near.

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  3. I’m surprised you like watching these videos given your fear of snakes. Chandler is a charming and charismatic guy who’s interesting and entertaining to watch, but it’s surprising he hasn’t been seriously injured doing what he does.

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    1. I know what you mean about my fear. Heights and Snakes are neck to neck…I guess it’s a little like therapy.

      His love for what he is doing comes through. He said his mother refuses to watch…I see that. The way he explains it makes sense. He reads the Cobra’s body language but yea…anything can happen and they get defensive.

      It’s very surprising he hasn’t been bitten. Thanks for reading Jeff. I didn’t know if anybody would like this or not. I’m hooked on it. He has such enthusiasm that it’s hard not to be excited with him.

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      1. I get the therapy idea… I hate and am scared of bees and wasps – well, only hate wasps, bees I know are vital – but I’ve been following that Asian hornet in Washington story closely. Creeps me out but still fascinates me.

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    1. LOL… Snakes are tied with heights as my biggest fears.
      To see this guy free handle cobras and black mambas…you either admire the guy or want to check him in a mental hospital.

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  4. Another one of those replies I put in , or thought I did, that WP seemed to evaporate. Anyway, you’d mentioned him before to me and I watched a couple of his videos, found them interesting, but reading your story made me much more impressed by him. I didn’t know he was involved in conservation or trying to save them, which I find highly admirable.
    In my area, we have W Diamondback Rattlesnakes in the dry, field areas, and Copperheads in the few dense forested areas. I watch where I step in those areas but am not afraid of them… if you don’t step on them or try to pick them up, they’re not going to bother you. I’ve even looked for Copperheads to photograph (unsuccessfully) by way of long poles to turn over likely looking logs etc. But mambas and 15-foot cobras would be quite another story for me! No thanks! But more power to him and thanks for bringing him to our attention.

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    1. The guy cares about what he does and it does come through…and him rescuing these reptiles…I mean he has to love them. The enthusiasm he has rubs off on you…but NOT to the point of getting near that thing.

      I’m terrified… Wasps I hate also but I’m not terrified like I am of snakes.

      “But mambas and 15-foot cobras would be quite another story for me!” YES lol…that is me also!


    2. Oh yea…I checked my spam to see if your comment went there but it didn’t. There are some bugs in WP right now…some other people have complained of the same thing.

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      1. Now that you say that…my drafts were all out of order and everything looked different yesterday. I use my drafts folder religiously…I keep my half baked ideas there and finish up later so I was panicked that most were gone…including my next draft write up.


  5. I’ve got no doubt that he really loves cobras and that he really is an expert on them and that he really is crazy!…Yikes! I appreciate him being passionate and entrepreneurial. I just hope he lives to enjoy his burgeoning fame and bank account. Don’t be reckless Chandler. Your cobras need you!

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    1. He has a lot of experience…well as much as a 23 year old can have… He has a network of friends who also keep snakes…bad snakes. They have permits and experience but all it takes is one mistake.

      Chandler is a likable guy and like you…I hope he helps as many as possible and stays alive to do it.

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