Orange Humble Band – Down In Your Dreams…. Power Pop Friday

Bruce from Vinyl Connection referred me to this song after The Stems post I did last week. I liked it the minute I heard it. This song was off of an EP called Down in Your Dreams released in 1998.

This band at one time or another included Darryl Mather, Mitch Easter, Ken Stringfellow, Jody Stephens, Bill Smith,  Jon Auer, Dave Smith, and Rick Steff.

You may recognize some of those names. Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer were in the Posies and the later Big Star with Alex Chilton, Mitch Easter was the producer of R.E.M. and a member of Let’s Active. Darryl Mather was in the Australian band Lime Spiders.

Mather along with his bassist friend Bill Gibson formed this band in 1994 in Australia. The band released 3 albums… Assorted Creams (1997), Humblin’ (Across America) (2001) and Depressing Beauty (2015). They had one EP and that would be this one and two singles named Apple Green Slice Cut and Any Way You Want It. 

I’ve dived into their catalog and song after song shows different styles and really likable music. I would strongly suggest you checking this band out. Plus…what a cool name!

Down In Your Dreams

Sorry…I could NOT find the lyrics.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

18 thoughts on “Orange Humble Band – Down In Your Dreams…. Power Pop Friday”

      1. Crunch and Jangle. I like that….Speaking of Sloan I see they just added a date in Minnieapolis so I will see if more US dates are added! They haven’t made it here yet so hopefully at some point they will….

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  1. a good track, love that jangly guitar. Never heard of them but I know of Stringfellow and Mitch easter. I can’t say I can think of a Let’s Active track either , but they were big on that Athens scene in the 80s . I’ve probably heard them here and there through the years

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    1. The one Lets Active song I know is Every Word Means No.
      I really like this bands catalog… it’s pretty good quality through and through.


  2. All very crisp and clear and clean. I hear why you like them Max, and a good suggestion from Bruce. ‘Can’t Get What You want’ is great, but this is another band with all the goods that just didn’t crack it.

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    1. There are so many power pop bands through the years…a few have been exceptional but…fate just wasn’t on their side. It seems fairly common for these bands. REM, Petty, The Cars, and Badfinger are a few of the ones that actually broke through on a larger scale.

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