Lime Spiders – Slave Girl

This is garage rock/punk and hits you right between the eyes. The Lime Spiders formed in 1979 in the Liverpool area (not that Liverpool) of Western Sydney Australia around a core of vocalist Mick Blood and guitarist Darryl Mather.

They played a mixture of blend of power pop, psychedelia and 60s garage punk and they won a lot of fans in Australia.

Allmusic has this to say… Lime Spiders were an Australian post-punk unit resurrecting the trashier elements of ’60s garage and psychedelic rock with willful abandon. Bless them for that! And more power to them for doing it in the middle of the 80s. Rolling Stone magazine once described them at times as The Sex Pistols on acid…that about sums it up.

In 1988 they released  the Weirdo Libido single, which appeared on the soundtrack to an Australian film called Young Einstein but after that they broke up. They did reunite in 1992 and again in 1997…they were together in some form or another until 2009. They last released an album in 2007.

They released 12 LP’s and EP’s all together with several singles. This one was released in 1984 as a single only at the time.

Slave Girl

Let me tell you ’bout a girl I know
I drag her around wherever I go
This little woman drives me insane
She’s tied to my ankle with a ball and chain

For sixteen years she’s been hangin’ around
Try’n’ to bury me in a hole in the ground
Well I think it’s time that I even the score
There’s only room for one in this cage of yours

Don’t save me when I’m startin’ to drown
Don’t use me when you don’t want me around
Just be my slave girl ’cause that’s all I need
So take a little step back to the stone age with me. Go!

Well I hear a strange noise as I lie in my bed
I feel a lotta water drippin’ on my head
I look around tried to see through my hair
You left me alone, but do you think I care?

‘Cause you moved me when I was takin’ my time
You abused me when I’m outta line
You tried to warn me of the danger sign
So watch out, go

Well, you got me in the bondage of another age
You drive me to distraction in a primitive way
I can’t control my instincts when I hear her say
“Just come around and see me if you lose your way”

So join my chain gang play along with me
I’ll be your caveman, it’s basic as can be
I’m not insane, man, I’m just outta my dream


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

18 thoughts on “Lime Spiders – Slave Girl”

  1. If the Lime Spiders had toured with Ontario’s Purple Toads in the 80s, that would have been one loud and colorful tour! Sounds a wee bit like a slightly rougher Alice Cooper to me… anyone else hear that?

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    1. I look at a collection kinda like what you have. There was a “Nuggets” release of 60s garage bands and I found the “Children of Nuggets” release with 80s garage bands.

      That and youtube surfing.

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