Magnet Fishing!

When I get home in the afternoon I go to my music room and sit at my computer with a couple of screens. I usually work on my posts, record a little,  or I’ll watch a little Youtube. Youtube has started to replace TV for me in a lot of ways. I find the oddest things on there that I would never have dreamed of. 

Magnet fishing seems like a lot of fun. I’ve seen people pull out a lot of junk but also guns, coins, and motorcycles every now and then. I started to watch a guy in the UK at first and he found a spot that he said was in a bad neighborhood. He pulled out guns and knives from different eras. He calls the police when he finds them.

One UK father and son found a safe with around 10,000 Australian dollars in it. They are trying to find the owners.

I saw a group pull out a live hand grenade… yes a live one. They had the bomb squad come down and detonated it. Many of the people that do this actually take the junk to the dump and get rid of it so it’s nice that they are cleaning some of the environment.

One Australian named Bondi has a popular channel that he goes all over and does this. He finds rings, safes, necklaces, guns, and much more. One group found a gun that helped convict a murderer.

If you decide to go…most likely you will find junk but you never know…I guess that keeps people going back to doing this.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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26 thoughts on “Magnet Fishing!”

      1. wow, impressive. I wouldn’t have ever expected to find safes! Might find a lot of old cars in some rivers and bays I expect, but I doubt that magnet would be able to pull that up to the surface!

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      2. No…you would have to have a hell of a magnet to get that. But the hobby does two things…you could find something valuable and you are cleaning up the enviroment.


  1. What does that guy in the picture got? A steel-toed boot?? I should try this sometime cuz I live about 50 yards from the Niagara River, and I bet ya I’d find a lot of guns in there. Cuz I know that’s where they get rid of them.

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      1. That reminds me of a joke (I didn’t say good)… a man was dynamite fishing and the Ranger went to his boat and got in. The Ranger was yelling at him and warning him but the man calmly lit a stick of dynamite and handed it to the Ranger and asked….Do you want to talk or fish?

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    1. They could make a lot doing it… it’s a cool thing because A: you might find something valuable B: it cleans up the environment…so it’s a winner any way you go.

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      1. The scrap metal is valuable and look at all of it they pulled up. Finding bike parts in Amsterdam is not surprising, look at all of those bikes parked everywhere. Yes, it does clean up the environment.

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    1. Probably stolen and they had to get rid of it…but I’ve seen where in the UK they have gone to bad neighborhoods and pulled out around 7 safes and 5-6 guns in one day!

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