Twilight Zone – Young Man’s Fancy

★★★★May 11, 1962 Season 3 Episode 34

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Phyllis Thaxter who plays Virginia Walker is brilliant as justifiable paranoid new wife who has waited for years to marry Alex. Virginia has a strong dislike for Alex’s late mother. She blames his mom for holding Alex too close. They are at Alex’s childhood house to make arrangements to sell the place and then go on their honeymoon. I like how the episode builds and Alex has a hard time getting rid of his childhood home as promised.

As Alex keeps bringing up his childhood the house starts changing back to the way it was when he was a kid. Little things start changing at first and then the hopelessness in Virginia starts showing. You start wondering if Virginia is blaming the wrong person.

A little trivial… Phyllis Thaxter also appeared as Ma Kent in the 1978 version of Superman.

This show was written by Richard Matheson and Rod Serling

Rod Serling’s Opening Narration: 

You’re looking at the house of the late Mrs. Henrietta Walker. This is Mrs. Walker herself, as she appeared twenty-five years ago. And this, except for isolated objects, is the living room of Mrs. Walker’s house, as it appeared in that same year. The other rooms upstairs and down are pretty much the same. The time, however, is not twenty-five years ago but now. The house of the late Mrs. Henrietta Walker is, you see, a house which belongs almost entirely to the past, a house which, like Mrs. Walker’s clock here, has ceased to recognize the passage of time. Only one element is missing now, one remaining item in the estate of the late Mrs. Walker: her son, Alex, thirty-four years of age and, up till twenty minutes ago, the so-called perennial bachelor. With him is his bride, the former Miss Virginia Lane. They’re returning from the city hall in order to get Mr. Walker’s clothes packed, make final arrangements for the sale of the house, lock it up and depart on their honeymoon. Not a complicated set of tasks, it would appear, and yet the newlywed Mrs. Walker is about to discover that the old adage ‘You can’t go home again’ has little meaning in the Twilight Zone.


Immediately after their wedding, Virginia and Alex Walker return to his mother’s house to make arrangements for it to be sold. Virginia has waited a long time to marry Alex as his domineering mother Henrietta doted – and smothered – him. Going back home has a strange effect on him as he reconnects with his his environment such as his room and his toys. He slowly begins to change and Virginia realizes that her mother-in-law’s influence hasn’t subsided.

There was no decent preview of the episode. 

Rod Serling’s Closing Narration:

Exit Miss Virginia Lane, formerly and most briefly Mrs. Alex Walker. She has just given up a battle and in a strange way retreated, but this has been a retreat back to reality. Her opponent, Alex Walker, will now and forever hold a line that exists in the past. He has put a claim on a moment in time and is not about to relinquish it. Such things do happen in the Twilight Zone.


Rod Serling … Narrator / Self – Host (uncredited)
Phyllis Thaxter … Virginia Lane Walker
Alex Nicol … Alex Walker
Wallace Rooney … Mr. Wilkinson
Helen Brown … Mrs. Henrietta Walker
Rickey Kelman … Young Alex


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11 thoughts on “Twilight Zone – Young Man’s Fancy”

    1. Thanks…yea I try to keep with ones that only do a part of it…but I should have posted this since they didn’t have one shorter.
      The man would not grow up…I’ve been guilty of that lol…not to this extent though.

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  1. sounds like another good one! I’d love to go back in time to my childhood house for a visit , I must admit , to take a few photos and retrieve some of my toys, games and records. Some would fetch a lot online, others I’d probably keep as momentoes, like my Hot Wheels collection from back then.

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  2. Good episode ! I liked how stuff kept changing back and at first you weren’t sure if it was just in the wife’s mind. I also really liked the real estate agent – “Fine and dandy!”

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