King Floyd – Groove Me

This is my eighth song pick for Hanspostcard’s song draft. King Floyd’s Groove Me.

The bass in this song punches you like a heavy weight fighter and will roll you like wholesale carpet…the timing is absolutely perfect. I hear some Otis and Wilson Pickett in this song and it will make you move. I wanted to touch on the seventies R&B/funk side in the draft…I can’t do any better than this one.

Floyd takes almost a full minute to build up to the chorus and it’s well worth the wait when he kicks it in. Also wanted to mention that a musician named Vernie Robbins plays the bass in this song…the bass along with Floyd carries the song…and the horns don’t hurt either. 

This was the B side to a song called What Our Love Needs and DJ’s played a role in making this a hit after spinning this side more. They started to play this song in the New Orleans region and it took off nationally… something that would not happen today.

This was recorded at the same session as Jean Knight’s “Mr. Big Stuff.” In the 80s I heard this song and was hooked on the first listen. Back then it took me a while to track it down…but track it down I did at Tower Records. I get all misty eyed when thinking of pulling into the parking lot of Tower or Port O’ Call Records.  .

This is a song that has not been worn out…in fact we need it more. I love the dynamics going on in the chorus when it kicks in. The song was released in 1970 and peaked at #6 in the Billboard Hot 100.

On how Floyd wrote this song… He was working at a box factory and noticed a woman there: She’d just watch me and smile at me all day. When I went to the water fountain, she would make it her purpose to come up to the water fountain. But, I was so shy. So, I decided one day that I was gonna write this poem and give it to her and I wrote ‘Groove Me.’ Believe it or not, after I finished it she never came back to work. It blew me away. So, I never gave her the poem. Man, I’d sure like to meet her one day just to thank her!”

Groove Me

Hey there sugar darlin’
Let me tell you something
Girl, I’ve been trying to say, now
You look so sweet
And you’re so doggone fine
I just can’t get you out of my mind
You’ve become a sweet taste in my mouth, now
And I want you to be my spouse
So that we can live happily, nah-nah
In a great big ol’ roomy house
And I know you’re gonna groove me, baby
Ahh, yeah, now
You make me feel good inside
Come on, and groove me, baby
I need you to groove me
Ahhh, yeah, now, now, darling
Uhh! Come on, come on!
Hey! Uhh!

Hey there, sugar darlin’
Come on, give me something
Girl, I’ve been needing for days
Yes, I’m good, good loving
With plenty, plenty hugging
Ooh, you cute little thang, you
Girl, between you and me, nah-nah
We don’t need no company
No other man, no other girl
Can enter into our world
Not as long as you groove me, baby
Ahh, come on
Make me feel good inside
Come on and groove me, baby
Move me, baby
Ahh, sock it to me, mama
Uhh! Ahh, I like it like that, baby
Uhh! Groove me, baby! Hey! Uhh!
Groove me, darling!
Come on, come on
I need you to sock it to me, mama
Come on and groove me, baby
Hey! Uhh! Good, God!
It makes me feel so good inside, mama
Now, come on, come on, and uhh
Groove me, baby, groove me, baby
Ahh, sock it to me
Sock it to me
Rock it to me
Come on, come on!
Come on!
And uhh
Groove me, mama, I want you to
Groove me!


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

7 thoughts on “King Floyd – Groove Me”

  1. It’s good, oddly I don’t know I’ve ever heard it before though! I can hear a bit of a resemblance in sound to ‘Mr Big Stuff’, which equally strangely I still hear semi-regularly on radio and in stores

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    1. Yes I can hear the connection also to Mr. Big Stuff. That bass player is just killer. If your timing is off a split second…the song falls apart.


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