Rolling Stones – Worried About You

When Tattoo You came out I bought the single Start Me Up and couldn’t get enough of it…yea I have had about enough of it now. I bought the album played it non stop. 10 years later a friend and  I took a trip to Pensacola after playing a gig and this album was on all of the way. This song stood out at the time because I skipped the hits. Mick sings it in a falsetto voice that works well.

The Stones dug down deep in their vaults for this album because they wanted to tour in 1980. They had released Some Girls in 78, Emotional Rescue in 80, and Tattoo You in 1981 and needed some songs. This song’s origins go back to 1976’s Black and Blue.

This song features a guitar solo by Wayne Perkins, who had once auditioned as a potential replacement for Mick Taylor, and Billy Preston on keyboards.

Tattoo You peaked at #1 in the Billboard Album Charts, #1 in Canada, and #2 in the UK in 1981.

Worried About You

Sometime I wonder why you do these things to me
Sometime I worry girl that you ain’t in love with me

Sometime I stay out late, yeah I’m having fun
Yes, I guess you know by now that you ain’t the only one

Yeah-hey, oh baby
Ooh, sweet things that you promised me babe, yeah
Seemed to go up in smoke
Yeah, vanish like a dream
Baby I wonder why you do these things to me

Cause I’m worried
I just can’t seem to find my way, baby

Ooh, the nights I spent just waiting on the sun, yeah
Just like your burned out cigarette
You threw away my love
Why did you do that baby

I wonder why, why you do these things to me well, oh

I’m worried
Lord, I’ll find out anyway
Sure gonna find myself a girl someday
‘Til then I’m worried
Yeah, I just can’t seem to find my way

Yeah, I’m a hard working man
When did I ever do you wrong?
Yeah, I get all my money baby, yeah
I bring it, I bring it all home
Yeah, I’m telling the truth, yeah

Well, sweet things, sweet things that you promised me

Well I’m worried and I just can’t seem to find my way, baby

I’m worried about you, yeah
I’m worried about you, yeah
Tell you something now
I’m worried ’bout you (oh, yeah)
I’m worried ’bout you, child (oh, yeah)
I’m worried ’bout you, woman (oh, yeah)
That’s come on, tell you something now
I’m worried ’bout you (oh, yeah)
I’m worried about you (aw yeah), yeah

Yeah, I’m worried
Lord, I’ll find out anyway
Sure as Hell I’m gonna find that girl someday
Lord, I’m worried
Lord, I just can’t seem to find my way



Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

17 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Worried About You”

      1. I would not say this about many or anyone else…but it seemed to inspire him more…he is a different animal…and not to be copied lol.

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  1. Pretty good tune, Max. I think I like Mick’s falsetto better on this one than “Emotional Rescue.”

    Admittedly, from “Tattoo You”, off the top of my head, I only recall the two biggies “Start Me Up” and “Waiting on a Friend” – never owned or taped the album.

    Also, I guess in 1981, my appreciation for the Stones was still building. I was still very much much in “The Beatles only camp!”

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    1. Yes… from 75 when I was 8 til 80… it was pretty much almost all Beatles except some radio and some singles… I was still discovering the Beatles…and… I still am!

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      1. Same here…still discovering The Beatles. Though I think I can safely say I’m more familiar with them than the Stones.

        Believe it or not, while I know Stones music from throughout their career, there are only a handful of albums I’ve heard in their entirety.

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      2. Yes me also…The first album I got by them was Between the Buttons and then I got my favorite… Beggars Banquet….After that I dove into them but I never liked everything like I did with the Beatles.

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    1. That one should do fine…I’ve never used it before. The one I have at home is a simple Belkin router with a firewall built in…but they all do about the same thing. I don’t have to worry about wireless intrusion because I live near no one….but that would be handy in a neighborhood.

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  3. Don’t think I ever heard this one before, it’s not bad… I woulda preferred it to “Start me Up” as a single though the sales charts probably suggest I’m alone in that!

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    1. Oh I loved Start Me Up the first 50 times lol…I really did but…on the 5000th time I was a little tired of it.


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