Blind Faith – Sea Of Joy

Blind Faith…a supergroup with Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ric Grech, and Ginger Baker.

I was listening to Blind Faith’s self titled debut album last week while deep in work and this song was one caught my attention. I’ve heard this song before but this time it really hit me. I repeated it a few times for good measure. What a talented band they were and we are lucky to get that album.

Their one and only album, the self titled Blind Faith album, peaked at #1 in the Billboard Album Charts, Canada, and the UK in 1969. They toured one time for the album and then soon broke up.

After Cream broke up in late 1968…Blind Faith evolved out of informal jamming at Eric Clapton’s home with Steve Winwood. Winwood suggested adding Ginger Baker to the lineup. Rick Grech joined on bass. The band spent February to June 1969 in the studio jamming and recording.

Clapton didn’t want Baker in the band…he wanted to leave Cream behind but Winwood didn’t know the history until later on.

Steve Winwood: “I had begun to realize what a problem Ginger was, and I saw why Eric had been against having him in the group.” “Ginger did a drum solo and they thought it was Cream, so we chucked in an old Cream song,” Winwood said. “Then I put in a Traffic song, and the identity of the band was killed stone dead. If you have 20,000 people out there, and you know you only have to play one song for them to be on their feet, you do it. We were only human.”

Eric Clapton: Steve and I were at the cottage smoking joints and jamming when we were surprised by a knock at the door,” “It was Ginger. Somehow he had gotten wind of what we were doing and had tracked us down. Ginger’s appearance frightened me because I felt that all of a sudden we were a band, and with that would come the whole [manager Robert] Stigwood machine and the hype that had surrounded Cream.”

Steve Winwood wrote this song and took the lead.

Sea Of Joy

Following the shadows of the skies
Or are they only figments of my eyes?
And I’m feeling close to when the race is run
Waiting in our boats to set sail
Sea of joy

Once the door swings open into space
And I’m already waiting in disguise
Is it just a thorn between my eyes?
Waiting in our boats to set sail
Sea of joy

Having trouble coming through
Through this concrete blocks my view
And it’s all because of you

Oh, is it just a thorn between my eyes?
Waiting in our boats to set sail
Sea of joy

Sea of joy
Sea of joy
Sailing free
Sea of joy


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

28 thoughts on “Blind Faith – Sea Of Joy”

  1. a brand new one for me. Sounds pretty good, as you’d expect with that lineup. Steve Winwood might be one of the more under-rated musicians of our times. I wonder what they might have done if they’d kept at it through the 70s?

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  2. My husband and I actually have the album with the original cover. It’s a collector’s item, of course. It’s pretty gross–and disturbing. What the #@%&! The girl’s 12? Maybe 14? Nonetheless, we have it–encased in its plastic sheath. Content wise it is an excellent album. Sea of Joy is terrific, haven’t listened to it in a long time.

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    1. They contracted her sister to do it but her sister didn’t want to…so she did…I can’t believe the parents let her…even back then that is surprising. She now appears at shows…she seems like a great lady…no way my daughter…if I had one…does that.

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  3. With Ginger and Eric, you have two humongous (sp?) egos and you also have two serious substance abusers. There’s only room for one of this type in a band. Also per that book I just finished on Gram Parsons, Grech is/was also a serious alkie (or he was at some point.) I’m glad they stayed together long enough to create their music. I love the ethereal quality of the music and the passion Winwood sings it with.

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    1. Ethereal is the word I should have used…this song relaxed me last week during the turmoil.

      Are you going to do a review post on the book? I hope so….no pressure lol.

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      1. Yes/no…we are still migrating but I’m not getting everyone’s old email and contacts out of the system…as you see in my commenting…it’s here and there….but my hair is not on fire now like it was…I just have a lot of work to go.

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