Nomads – Where The Wolf Bane Blooms

When I see a title like that I just have to listen. I could not just sit by and not listen. I told John at 2loud2oldmusic that some songs and song titles are like big red giant buttons…that you just have push. With that title I had to listen…I’m I’m glad I did.

They have a huge sound. I have to wonder how many bands have gone by the name The Nomads in the history of garage bands? They are a Swedish Garage Punk band founded in 1981. The were founded by by Hans Östlund, Nick Vahlberg, Joakim Tärnström, and Ed Johnson.

They are still together with only Hans Östlund and Nick Vahlberg.

The Nomads released an album with this name in 1983. They released the single in 1987. They have never got big airplay on radio or much TV exposure but they still have a huge fanbase built on releasing albums and touring.

The Nomads have released 19 albums…the last being in 2015…add to that around 40 singles.

Where The Wolf Bane Blooms

I know a place, it seems really strange
Some things will never change
Thunder and lightning lining my eyes
Even though the bats fill up the skies
But in the pale light of the moon
You’ll maybe see the wolf bane bloom

Ancient voices will appear
Call the hunted don’t tread here
You may be pure of heart and pure of soul
But you’ll become a wolf when the moon is full
And in the pale light of the moon
You’re gonna see the wolf bane bloom


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

23 thoughts on “Nomads – Where The Wolf Bane Blooms”

  1. Wow dude another tune and band I have never heard. I watched that live video. The second guitarist behind the singer is on another planet man. lol..
    Different vibe these guys had in the mid 80s thats for sure.

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    1. This one is out there… the thing that gets me is a lot… I mean a lot of these bands not only still tour but have released a lot of albums. I guess there is room for everyone.

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  2. Love that fuzzy guitar sound esp on the live version. These guys look so young – like in high school at least the lead singer and lead guitarist

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  3. Good guitar sound to it. I think I might have heard their name (then again, it’s sort of a common one so there might also be a North American band using it) but not their music.
    When you think of Sweden you don’t think punk or garage rock, but I guess they had a decent scene in the 80s that way… think I remember reading that the singer for Roxette was in a punk band that was popular there before finding fame with Roxette

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    1. You very well might have heard their name because there is a Texas band that used that name also….probably a million more.
      This is the second or third Sweden garage band I’ve had. These guys just keep rolling.


  4. New to me, I have to say. Love the sound … and look. Vocalist looks like a young Edwin Collins (Orange Juice) and band sound reminds me a little of The Cramps … and maybe The Horrors. (Though of course, maybe that should be the other way around. ) 😉

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    1. Thank you for reading! I try to find some out there bands that I missed in the 80s….and sprinkle some well known to even it out. Between you and me we will cover a lot of obscure bands.
      I checked some of your posts out last night and loved what I heard…the next thing I’ll do is comment now…I ran out of time.
      I always ask people before I do it…to see if they mind…if I run across one I really like alot…would you mind if I reblog it?


    1. Thanks for listening Christian! That title drew me in. I can’t believe this scene was going on in the 80s when the rest of the world was “The Safety Dance”

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    1. Great way to describe his voice. What amazes me is… these bands…most of the 80s garage type I’m writing about are still together and releasing albums. These are not hard luck bands like the previous era… I would assume they had more opportunities than their 60’s counterparts…plus no war to draft one of them.

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      1. Some like the Stems are supposedly huge in their own country…in their case Australia. It would have to be or a huge cult following.

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