32 thoughts on “Smithereens – A Girl Like You…. 80’s Underground Mondays”

  1. Love the Smithereens!! Another one of my favorite power pop bands. Interesting about the Madonna story – wonder how much higher the song might have charted if she had shown up.

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  2. I used to hear the name of the band, but not their music. This song definitely sounds like a theme song for a movie or TV show. It sounds nice and not edgy, i.e. no risk taking. It’s a shame it didn’t get used in the movie.

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      1. I had a feeling that was the goal of this one, and not fully representative of what they would have wanted to play. Trying to get Madonna’s voice on it was a big clue. 😀 Too bad for them she was a no-show, but I probably like the recording better because of it.

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  3. Hey Thats a great flashback track. These guys reminded me of if REM had cranked up there Amps to 11! lol
    I dated a girl back in the late 80s who loved these guys. This was my intro to them and the other song ‘Behind the Wall of Sleep” I’m going on memory here lol
    Good band to bad about the singer though..

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    1. lol…yea they had some music that was loud. Yea that was terrible about what happened to him…it seemed like over night.
      They are a fun alternative band that actually made it on commercial radio.

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  4. Underground that was Above Ground to me, LOL, I played those CDs (“Especially for You”, “Green Thoughts” and “Smithereens 11” )into the ground at the time. I was glad I heard this (still do now and again) on mainstream radio. Never knew about the Madonna near-miss… like you suggest, it might have charted up a few spots higher with her…MANY spots higher if she had also agreed to do a video for it with them. Pat D was an interesting guy with his failed political career and attempt to play pro baseball and so on, was gone too young.


      1. Thanks Christian. That was interesting. Now I’m going to listen…

        That is great. It’s different but they captured the spirit of the original. That is so cool about White being on there and more than that…friends with the band.


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