Cynics – Baby What’s Wrong

There was quite a big garage band scene in the 80s from all over the world. These bands stuck close to their ancestors  so to speak but with a little more punch in the modern recording. They avoided the dated sound unlike some of their more popular peers.

The Cynics were from Pittsburgh and along with the Chesterfield Kings, the Milkshakes, and the Fuzztones were early founders of the 1980s garage rock revival movement. The picked up from where the garage bands from the 60’s garage bands.

This band is not limited to garage rock. I’ve heard everything from power pop to folk from them in songs.

Gregg Kostelich started the Cynics in 1983. The other members were drummer Bill Von Hagen, vocalist Michael Kastelic who joined in 1985, bass player Steve Magee, and keyboardist Becky Smith who debuted with their first album, Blue Train Station in 1986.

Baby What’s Wrong was on their Rock and Roll album released in 1990.

Their first two 45s were released by the Californian Dionysus label, but soon after Gregg had established his own Pittsburgh-based Get Hip Recordings who would release all of  The Cynics albums and singles. The label also releases records by fellow garage bands, power pop, and punk bands around the world.

The band is still togehter with members Gregg Kostelich, Michael Kastelic, Pablo González “Pibli”, and Angel Kaplan.

The band released 8 albums between 1986 to 2011 with the Spinning Wheel Motel album.

Gregg Kostelich: “I was maybe 4 or 5 when I started collecting Garage records, and I’ve been listening to that type of music ever since. And I was lucky enough to see a couple of shows I was a little kid…my parents would bring to see bands like THE SONICS and THE BLUE MAGOOS and THE WHO, when I was about 7 or 8! I didn’t know what was going on really, but it was really exciting. I was kinda embarrassed in a way because I was with my parents.” “Yeah, maybe I got brain damage from all the noise!”

I got a lot of info off of their record company’s website…check them out and their music.


Baby What’s Wrong

You didn’t hear me when I tried to tell you
You didn’t see me when I looked so lonely
You didn’t answer when I said, “Where you going?”

You didn’t see the way you drive me crazy

Baby what’s wrong with me
I can’t seem to turn your head
Baby what’s wrong with me
I’m always going home to an empty bed

You got my number, you never use it
You got my choice, but you never choose it
You got those brown eyes, they’re hiding something
If I could open up, I’d let you in

Baby what’s wrong with me
I can’t seem to turn your head
Baby what’s wrong with me
I’m always going home to an empty bed

Maybe some day, there will be a full moon
We’ll be together, in the same room
Open our eyes, see what we’re missing
My hard time is maybe they’re dissing

Baby what’s wrong with me
I can’t seem to turn your head
Baby what’s wrong with me
I’m always going home

Baby what’s wrong with me
I can’t seem to turn your head
Baby what’s wrong with me
I’m always going home

Baby what’s wrong

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

32 thoughts on “Cynics – Baby What’s Wrong”

    1. This one from a compilation album listing…about garage bands from the 80s.
      Some fun stuff out there that I didn’t know about. Thanks Deke

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  1. Cool song, Max. I don’t know it. Thanks for turning me on to it. Let’s see…I hear the Troggs in there…I hear The Barbarians and some early Stones and The Animals…I hear REM also. I’m going to check out more Cynics.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well these guys I’ve heard of at least, but didn’t know a thing about them. Very garage-y 80s sound…there was a lot of that in the mid-’80s but not much broke through and got noticed, it seems.

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    1. That is what drew me in…that guitar sound. Interesting band…they would expand their sound more than some garage type bands.

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  3. Another nice garage rocker, Max. For some reason, it’s a genre I haven’t much explored, even though I evidently like it. Baby, what’s wrong with me? 🙂

    This morning, I had a few minutes and started listening to a few other tracks on the “Rock & Roll” album. I like what I’ve heard thus far, especially this one – love the combination of guitar and organ!

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  4. OMG this is so good! Love that guitar! A d I Need More fantastic too. Like you said where were these songs on the radio when we needed them in the 80s ?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Exactly…I would have loved to heard it then…Paul whenever you have time…check out “I Need More”…it’s one of their newer ones.


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