Motors – Airport

Welcome to Pub Rock! The Motors were a UK band in the 1970s. This song was their most successful song…peaking at #4 in the UK. All together they had 7 songs in the top 100 in the UK.

lEx-Duck Deluxe members Nick Garvey and Andy McMaster formed the Motors in 1977 with Rob Henry…soon to be replaced by Bram Tchaikovsky and drummer Ricky Slaughter.

This band could get in a groove. I posted something on Bram Tchaikovsky a couple of years ago and knew he was in this band but never checked him out until fellow blogger CB mentioned them. While their peers were in disco, The Motors were finding their groove in rock and roll. Bram would have an international hit with Girl Of My Dreams. His real name is Peter Bramall and he took the  stage name of  Bram Tchaikovsky…it was also the name of the group he fronted in the late 70s & early 80s after The Motors.

After they released their 1980 album Tenement Steps they broke up. The band released 3 albums in all. This song is off of their Approved By Motors album released in 1978.

When their second greatest hits (Airport: The Motors’ Greatest Hits) was released in 1995 and renewed interest in the  band.


So many destination faces going to so many places
Where the weather is much better
And the food is so much cheaper.
Well I help her with her baggage for her baggage is so heavy
I hear the plane is ready by the gateway to take my love away.
And I can’t believe that she really wants to leave me and it’s getting me so,
It’s getting me so.

Airport –
Airport, you’ve got a smiling face,
you took the one I love so far away
Fly her away – fly her away – airport.
Airport, you’ve got a smiling face
You took my lady to another place
Fly her away – fly her away.

The plane is on the move,
And the traces of the love we had in places
Are turning in my mind – how I wish I’d been much stronger
For the wheels are turning faster as I hear the winds are blowing
and I know that she is leaving
On the jet plane way down the runaway.
And I can’t believe that she really wants to leave me – and it’s
getting me so,
It’s getting me so.

Airport –
Airport, you’ve got a smiling face,…

Airport –
Airport, you’ve got a smiling face,…


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

24 thoughts on “Motors – Airport”

  1. Quality blast from the past! I know the song, always liked it but wouldn’t have been able to tell you who it was off the top of my head. “Tenement Steps” by them is good too.

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      1. True. I remember hearing this now & again on the alt rock station back in the day & David Marsden plays it quite a bit on his radio show but mainstream exposure eluded them.

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    1. I like their other music. It’s straight ahead rock and roll in the late seventies.

      btw… I liked your single choice…I’m listening to it now. I will have repeats because I didn’t know what I was doing when I posted them 3 years ago. I get to make up for it.

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  2. Never heard of the band or the song so punch hitting for Christian this week 😀. But not getting why it’s called pub rock – I guess I was expecting something else – something without synthesizers just basic guitar drum and bass and a rowdy lead singer.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok thanks – will check them out. When I think of pub rock I think of bands like Skinny Lister although I think they consider themselves Shanty rock. Whatever with labels right ? It’s the music that’s the thing

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I added them to my list of music to learn more about. By far, finding music I’ve never heard or little of is the best thing about the internet. Keep up the good work.

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