Creedence Clearwater Revival – Sweet Hitch-Hiker

I was headed over to see my then girlfriend in 1985 and I was exiting off of the interstate. That is when I saw a beautiful girl hitch-hiking. She was stunning and conservatively dressed. So being a caring guy… I wanted to do a good deed! I stopped and asked her if I could help. She got in the car and was very nice and well spoken. She asked me where I was going and I told her to my girlfriend’s house.

Then came the question…did I want a “date” for that night…I told her my girlfriend would probably frown on that idea so I took her back where I found her and let her out…she was totally nice but yea I was a naïve 18 year old and ever since then this song reminds me of her…So this song is for her where ever she is now.

This is a great song that was on what was regarded as Creedence’s worse album.

The Mardi Gras album. By this time John’s brother had quit and the other two (Stu Cook and Doug Clifford) members had wanted more to do with the band’s direction. John told them for this album they would have more to do like writing and singing  3 songs each…they were not ready for that and the result was Mardi Gras…it was universally panned but there are some good songs on it…mostly the Fogerty contributions. It was their last studio album.

The song peaked at #6 in the Billboard 100, #1 in Canada, and #36 in the UK in 1971. The album peaked at #12 in the Billboard Album Charts and #11 in Canada.

From Songfacts

This was the first CCR album that John Fogerty did not dominate. Other members of the band had accused him of being a control freak, so Fogerty let them do more of the songwriting and have a more prominent role on this album. It was the beginning of the end for CCR, as the album was a flop and this song the last of their hits.

In the line, “We could make music at the Greasy King,” The Greasy King was the nickname for the local burger stand in Berkeley, California near their rehearsal space, which they called “Cosmo’s Factory.”

This was the first single CCR released as a trio – Tom Fogerty left before the album was recorded.

The band started a four-continent tour as this was released.

Since they did not have other new songs to go along with this track, it was released as a single a year before the Mardi Gras album was issued.

The follow-up single, “Molina”/”Sailor’s Lament,” was never released in North America. It was released in Germany and became a major hit there in late 1971.

Sweet Hitchhiker

Was ridin’ alongside the highway
Rollin’ up the country side
Thinkin’ I’m the devil’s heatwave
What you burn in your crazy mind?
Saw a slight distraction
Standin’ by the road
She was smilin’ there
Yellow in her hair
Do you wanna, I was thinkin’
Would you care?

Sweet Hitchhiker
We could make music at the Greasy King
Sweet Hitchhiker,
Won’t you ride on my fast machine?

Cruisin’ on through the junction
I’m flyin’ ’bout the speed of sound
Noticin’ peculiar function
I ain’t no roller coaster
Show me down
I turned away to see her
Whoa, she caught my eye
But I was rollin’ down
Movin’ too fast
Do you wanna, she was thinkin’
Can it last?

Sweet Hitchhiker
We could make music at the Greasy King
Sweet Hitchhiker
Won’t you ride on my fast machine?

Was busted up along the highway
I’m the saddest ridin’ fool alive
Wond’ring if you’re goin’ in my way
Won’t you give a poor boy a ride?
Here she comes a ridin’
Lord, she’s flyin’ high
But she was rollin’ down
Movin’ too fast
Do you wanna, she was thinkin’
Can I last?

Sweet Hitchhiker
We could make music at the Greasy King
Sweet Hitchhiker
Won’t you ride on my fast machine?

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

30 thoughts on “Creedence Clearwater Revival – Sweet Hitch-Hiker”

    1. No…because one being naïve and she wasn’t dressed like that…she looked like a very good looking well dressed college student. That is what threw me.
      No spandex, talking loud, etc…

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  1. great memories eh! Sounds like the premise of a feel-good movie ala Pretty Woman.
    Pretty decent song, I liked “someday never comes” off the album a lot but didn’t hear anything else off it, which I guess from most reviews means I didn’t miss out on much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fogerty did do a cover of Hello Mary Lou that was good but this song and Someday Never Comes were the hits….
      There is one song the drummer sang that I liked called What Are You Gonna Do but yea for the most part it was bad….one critic called it “Fogerty’s Revenge” lol.


      1. With Pendulum their sound changed a little but he was slowing down. A break would have been welcomed but that contract tied them down to X many songs a year.

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  2. My younger sister became a rabid CCR fanatic from the moment our cousin played “Born on the Bayou” for us in early 1969, and I followed suit, though not with her intense level of fervor. I personally thought their music was fantastic up to and through the “Cosmo’s Factory” album (my favorite of their songs are “I Put a Spell on You”, “Born on the Bayou”, “Green River” and “Fortunate Son”), but “Pendulum” was a disappointment and “Mardi Gras” was pretty bad. This is nit-picky, but I always thought it was dumb for them to release a second ‘rain’ song with “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” after they’d already done “Who’ll Stop the Rain”. More than a couple of other bands have done similar things with their songs, and it just comes off as cheap and derivative to me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree about Pendulum…he tried to change their sound…he was running out of steam by the time this album came out.
      I have a bootleg video of them at the Royal Albert All…they seemed to be very loud…but clear all the same.

      I liked them so much that I have around 5 or 6 of those padded Kustom Amps…mine are from 68-70. I never thought about the Rain songs but you are right. It’s odd that he would write two…they are different but still the rain.

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    1. Yea the song is a rocking one… Yea she had me fooled…of course I was 18…but she was a knockout… I thought she was a college girl…and maybe she was with a side job lol.


      1. Your story threw me back to the movie St. Elmo’s Fire. I remember the hooker talking to Andrew McCarthy’s character. “Hey. You want a date?” LOL! Then, I went straight into Lady Marmalade. My brain…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. LOL… I feel dumb now but the girl was not a stereotypical hooker… she looked like a college student…a really good looking college student


  3. I like the song, but I was even more intrigued by your background story, Max! 🙂

    Well, you may have been naive, but you certainly did the right thing when confronted with that beautifully looking lady. Which actually tells me you were more mature than you thought!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I may be too honest on here Christian lol…I felt like a fool but I tell you….I really thought she was a college girl!
      Funny how music is…I saw here for probably 10 minutes of my life and I still think of her because of this song.

      Liked by 1 person

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