Remember Build-A-Bear? Well this is the rock edition. I think this post may go under…”looked great on paper but…” but lets give it a try. Have you ever thought about if you could have a pick of any musicians living or dead and bring them together in their prime…what combinations would you come up with?

Who would you pick if you could pick anyone? We have a time machine so don’t worry…Jimi Hendrix is just a trip away.  This is a discussion my friends and I have once in a while. I always wondered what a band with Keith Richards and John Lennon together would have sounded like…probably as raw as you could have sounded…a band with Big Star’s Alex Chilton and the Beatles Paul McCartney? It would be interesting.

There are many musicians I have left out…most likely they were here in previous editions that I’ve went through in the past few weeks.

Now… I would want to make at least two or three different bands…a rock, hard rock, and a pop/rock band.  Now I could go on and on…Soul, Blues, Funk, Country/Rock, and even Heavy Metal. Who would you pick? What would your “dream” band be? If I had time I would have listed around 10 different kind of bands…but these 3 will do for now.

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Rock  band.

  • John Lennon – Rhythm Guitar/vocals
  • Keith Richards – Rhythm guitar/vocals
  • Duane Allman – Lead guitar
  • John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) – Bass
  • Charlie Watts – Drums
  • Leon Russell – Keyboards
  • Rod Stewart (early seventies version) – Lead Vocals

Jimi Hendrix on Twitter: "I have a song on abortion and a song on Vietnam  and a song on just about any problem"Old Love by Eric Clapton | SetlistingJohn Entwistle | Wiki | Guitar Aminoyou may say i'm a dreamer — Young Keith Moon in the band the BeachcombersITCHYCOO PARK// FAKEGRAM - 1 - WattpadJon Lord - Wikipedia

Hard Rock Band

  • Jimi Hendrix – Lead guitar and vocals
  • Eric Clapton – Lead guitar and vocals
  • John Entwistle – Bass
  • Keith Moon – Drums
  • Steve Marriott (Small Faces and Humble Pie) – Lead Vocals
  • Jon Lord (Deep Purple) – Keyboards

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Pop/Rock Band

  • Paul McCartney – Bass/Lead Vocals
  • Alex Chilton (Big Star) – Guitar/Lead Vocals
  • Elvis Costello – Rhythm guitar/Lead Vocals
  • Clem Burke (Blondie) – Drums
  • Brian Wilson – Keyboards/Vocals

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

71 thoughts on “Build-A-Band”

  1. Interesting concept! So many possibilities. Without giving it much thought off the top of my head, I long figured Jeff Lynne would have been great in Wings , or with McCartney in the ’70s & 80s at least, and if we added in Gerry Rafferty, that could be something… (and if that was the late-’70s we’d have to have Michael McDonald doing backing vocals, as was the law at the time!)

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    1. I love the Dirty Mac…that is probably were I got the idea of more. That was a supergroup and they played the song perfectly. John’s singing on it was incredible.

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  2. No idea what this would sound like but choosing favourites in each position:

    Jaki liebezeit – drums
    Chris Squire – bass, harmonies
    Richard Lloyd – lead guitar
    Carl Wilson – lead vocals, guitar
    Eno – keys, production
    Stevie wonder – lead vocals, keyboards

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  3. Great idea! Of course when I read this I had to stop what I was doing and build my band. Here’s my first lineup, playing straight rock, unplugged and electric:

    Dave Edmunds, guitar
    Denny Laine, guitar
    Phil Collins, drums
    Paul McCartney, keyboards & bass
    John Entwistle, bass
    Alison Krauss, violin/fiddle

    Everyone but Entwistle would be superb at lead vocals, so that job would need to be shared or rotated. I’d like to hear some of the duet and harmony combinations. I’m curious what a 2-bass lineup would sound like, and I think it could be a cool sound, with Entwistle playing his more like a guitar.

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    1. You brought up something close to what I was thinking. I kept trying to fit in Nick Lowe in the Pop/Rock band but I just couldn’t replace McCartney on bass and that is what Nick plays mostly I believe.
      Your band would sound really good. I would like to hear a two bass concept. They would have to stay out of the other’s way like two drummers….it could be done.


      1. Thanks! Nick Lowe would be great. I wanted to include him too, but with Edmunds, that would have been a lot of Rockpile. Likewise I wanted Keith Moon, but not with Entwistle. Maybe could have put Moon and Lowe together.

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      2. There were only three I knew for sure that was going to be one…Moon, Entwistle, and Lennon….the rest I built around. I hated to put Moon and Entwistle into one but since both are my favorite at their instrument…I just had to.
        Moon and Lowe together…I would like to hear that.

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      1. That bio is something else. He was difficult at the best of times unless your name was Clapton.
        He is a jazz guy that does add a lot….yea nuance was his thing. He drumming made Creams sound what it was.

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      1. About ten years ago, a student of mine said, “My mom used to date Ginger Baker, and when they split, he left a bunch of percussion instruments in the garage. Can I donate one of his gongs to the school?” Absofreakinglutely, I said. If you ever see the doc, Beware Mr. Baker, the mom is interviewed as one of his many female relationships 🙂

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  4. Fun exercise. Here are “my” bands:

    Hard Rock Band
    • Bon Scott – lead vocals
    • Ritchie Blackmore – lead guitar
    • Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions) – rhythm guitar
    • Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) – bass, backing vocals
    • John Bonham – drums
    • Jon Lord – Hammond

    Rock Band
    • Roger Daltrey- lead vocals
    • Duane Allman – lead guitar
    • Eric Clapton – second lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
    • Jon Entwistle – bass
    • Steve Winwood – Hammond, backing vocals
    • Cindy Blackman Santana – drums
    • Clarence Clemmons – saxophone

    Pop/Rock Band
    • Paul McCartney – lead vocals, bass
    • Steve Lukather – lead guitar, backing vocals
    • Todd Rundgren – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
    • Elton John – piano, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
    • Ringo Starr – drums

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      1. For some reason, I struggled a bit with the pop rock band. The others came together pretty quickly.

        And, as for Ringo, once I read the nice thing somewhere that every band deserves a Ringo. And I think it’s true. Ringo has real band spirit, plus he’s such a good-natured guy. You really want him in your band!

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      2. He plays for the song not for himself so that makes him great. I post the Anthology…and either one of you should looked up “Love Me Do with Pete Best” on youtube. You see why VERY quick why the Beatles got Ringo.

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    1. Those are great dude! I would love to see how one would sound! I thought about Winwood and Lynott myself…I had them in there at one point.

      It’s a fun exercise to do to see what you come up with.

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    2. That is great Vic! I’ll take the Rock Band any day of the week. I would love to hear one of all of these configurations.


      1. LOL YES I do mam. The reason I haven’t emailed you is because work has been crazy because of Thanksgiving.


      2. Yes 20 years… I’m watching the Chester years… 30 minute black and white… extremely adult and violent


      3. YEP! I’m watching it right now…those first 6 years were grim as hell…someone was going to die period.


      4. Yes it is…If you want I’ll load you up a few select episodes…it’s not the nice family version we remember


      5. Kitty was hot also…she looked a lot like Scarlett Johansson when she was young…or really the other way around.


      1. Here it is. Took me all day. HARD to choose for the men. Women are a little easier since it is a narrow field (I had to add a girl group). I apologize for the length. I had trouble picking just one in each category:

        Hard Rock Band
        Drummer…Dave Grohl/Scott Rockenfield/Cozy Powell
        Lead Guitar…Slash/Angus Young/Yngwie Malmsteen
        Bass…Randy Sarzo/Gene Simmons/Duff McKagan
        Rhythm…Rudolf Schenker/Dave Grohl/Izzy Stradlin
        Lead Singer…Layne Staley/Gavin Rossdale/Kurt Cobain
        Keyboards…EVH/Keith Emerson/Axl Rose

        Rock Band
        Drummer…Carl Palmer/Matt Cameron/Alex Van Halen
        Lead Guitar…Phil Collen/Joe Perry/James Young
        Bass…John Entwistle/Mike Inez/John Paul Jones
        Rhythm…Malcom Young/David Bowie/Steve Clark
        Lead Singer…Lou Gramm/Tommy Shaw/Roger Daltry
        Keyboards…Benmont Tench/Ray Manzarek/Geoff Downes

        Pop/Rock Band…
        Drummer…Kelly Keagy/Clem Burke/Fred LeBlanc
        Lead Guitar…Peter Buck/Billy Squier/Mike Campbell
        Bass…John Taylor/Sting/Jack Blades
        Rhythm…Nile Rodgers/Bob Casale/Buddy Holly
        Lead Singer…Steve Perry/Darius Rucker/Kenny Loggins
        Keyboards…Elton John/Daryl Hall/Jackson Browne

        All Girl Pop/Rock Band…
        Drummer…Roxy Petrucci/Debbi Peterson/Gina Schock (Honorable Mention: Karen Carpenter)
        Lead Guitar…Wendy Melvoin/Nancy Wilson/K.T. Tunstall/Gretchen Menn
        Bass…Suzi Quatro/Michael Steele/Tina Weymouth/Sheryl Crow
        Rhythm…Jane Wiedlin/Joan Jett/Bonnie Raitt/Lissie
        Lead Singer…Pat Benatar/Amy Lee/Delores O’Riordan/Ann Wilson

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