Black Crowes – Sister Luck

I first heard this song on the Shake Your Money Maker album that I had just bought. I loved this song but it reminded of another song and I couldn’t put my finger on it. It then came to me…a song named Sway by the Rolling Stones off of Sticky Fingers.

I’m not saying the Black Crowes stole anything from it but they probably were influenced by the song. Rich Robinson the guitar player played the same 5 string G tuning that Keith Richards made famous…and he really does it well. Like the Georgia Satellites before them the Black Crowes sound was a throw back to the early seventies and it worked well.

The Black Crowes album Shake Your Money Maker was released in 1990. This album shocked me when I heard it. After longing for something with that 70’s tone…here it was with this new band. I always thought they sounded like The Stones/Faces   musically with a Rod Stewart type lead singer.

Sister Luck was not released as a single but remains a favorite album track of mine.

Sister Luck

Worried sick my eyes are hurting
To rest my head I’d take a life
Outside the girls are dancing
‘Cause when you’re down it just don’t seem right

Feeling second fiddle to a dead man
Up to my neck with your disregard
Like a beat dog that’s walking on the broadway
No one wants to hear you when you’re down

Sister luck is screaming out
Somebody else’s name
Sister luck is screaming out
Somebody else’s name

A flip of a coin
Might make a head turn
No surprise, who sleeps
Held my hand over a candle
Flame burnin’ but I never weep

Sister luck is screaming out
Somebody else’s name
Sister luck is screaming out
Somebody else’s name

What a shame

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

29 thoughts on “Black Crowes – Sister Luck”

  1. it was a refreshing album because it was such a throwback… if it had come out in’70, it would have been more at home, but also might not have had much impact for that very reason.

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  2. I love the Black Crowes. Chris’s voice is outstanding. It is reminiscent of Stewart.

    I listened to the two songs to make a comparison. The chords are close but, the Stones sound more like a Black Sabbath intro than the smooth playing of Rich. Couple that with Jeff Cease’s lead overlaying and you have great texture. Rich does list the Stones as an influence:

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    1. Oh Rich has to list them or Keith…he plays in the same tuning which sounds like Keith no matter who you are.
      That tuning uses 5 strings and it’s super simple. I could teach you 5 stones songs and this one in 30 minutes…

      I love the Black Crowes but they had to be influenced by this…which there is nothing wrong with that. I loved them because they were throwbacks…still do like them


      1. LOL…I bet I could…that’s a chord when you strum it with out your other hand…it’s G open tuning…really easy.


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