Fleetwood Mac – Jewel Eyed Judy

What a beautiful song this is and it was between the Green and the Buckingham/Nicks era. Thanks to Sharon for bringing this wonderful song up. The song was written by Danny Kirwan and was on the album Kiln House released in 1970.

18-year-old guitarist Danny Kirwan joined Fleetwood Mac in 1968 and one of the first recordings he played on was Albatross. He couldn’t take the pressure of touring and eventually fired in 1972.

The album peaked at #69 in the Billboard Album Charts, #67 in Canada, and #39 in the UK. The song didn’t chart. This is the first album after Peter Green left the band. Christine McVie contributed to the album with backup vocals, keyboards, and even cover art. After this album, she became a full member.

It doesn’t really sound like the Peter Green blues era or the later pure pop sound. It has more of a power-pop sound.

Jewel Eyed Judy

Moonshine time
Thoughts of you
Spinning round
As thoughts do
I just wondered if
Your eyes still shine
As they did
When you were mine

I can see
In a dream
Thougts so clear
And jewels that gleam
Would your eyes
Still sparkle then
If we were, once again

Jewel eyed Judy please come home
Jewel eyed Judy don’t leave me alone
Jewel eyed Judy please come home
Jewel eyed Judy don’t leave me alone

Lovely Judy
Can you see
Where it is
You’re meant to be
Where you lay
Your head tonight
May the stars
Find your light
So am I
Sitting here
Moonlight glistens
On my tears
Is this all
That we could find
Chains of memories
Left behind

Jewel eyed Judy please come home
Jewel eyed Judy don’t leave me alone
Jewel eyed Judy please come home
Jewel eyed Judy don’t leave me alone




Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

18 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac – Jewel Eyed Judy”

  1. Agree, nice tune – and great idea to highlight Fleetwood Mac’s period post Peter Green and pre-Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks. It’s really remarkable how many different phases they have have gone through. Essentially, it’s like listening to at least three different bands. I guess the only constant through all lineup have been Mick Fleetwood and John McVie.

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    1. It is….this is pretty much power pop… close to Big Star, Beatleish…I really like this a lot. Totally different than before and after.

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  2. Interesting that you’ve highlighted this track. I recently bought this album because of its B-side, Station Man. I’m digging the entire release. Great guitar in Jewel Eyed Judy. Maybe some day that Fleetwood Mac “middle period” will get its due.

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    1. I just discovered this a few months ago when a reader brought it up. This is close to power pop…that band covered some ground.


  3. Not half bad…listening to it for first time. I like the guitar. Not thrilled with the chorus BUT boy it made for a song structure that foreshadowed Nirvana & grunge.

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      1. yes, I’d say it fit that category, and that semi-acoustic verse, blasting roaring chorus… Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell were taking notes, or someone they listened to was!

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    1. A reader named Sharon mentioned it during the lockdown and I started to really like it. I didn’t know Fleetwood Mac did this kind of music.

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      1. Oh remember the song Hypnotized? That was with guitarist named Bob Welch. That was a pretty big hit.
        I’m learning also Lisa. I thought this song was with Green but it wasn’t…

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      2. Yes, I do remember it. “Two friends having coffee together when something flies past their window.” I’ve been a fan of this song for a very long time. A music freak friend of my bf at the time made me a mix tape of Fleetwood Mac back then and it was on it. This was between 1976-1979.

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      3. I didn’t know it was Fleetwood Mac until recently…you know what? I hate that Buckingham got kicked out but you know…seeing the history of this band…it’s completely natural! They just keep going.

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