Elvis Presley – I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone

These Sun records by Elvis are untouchable. Many artists have tried to get the same sound that Sam Phillips achieved with his small studio in Memphis Tennessee. This title makes you want to listen to the song.

This was written by Bill Taylor and Stan Kesler, who were part of a group called the Snearly Ranch Boys, which recorded for Elvis’ label, Sun Records. The melody for the song was lifted by a jingle for Campbell’s soup.

The head of Sun, Sam Phillips, arranged for Elvis to record the tune, and brought in a drummer named Jimmie Lott to play on it, augmenting Elvis’ regulars: guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black.

In February of 1955, Elvis Presley records this as the “B” side to “Baby, Let’s Play House” to be released on Sun Records. This is the record that convinced RCA-Victor to drop $35,000 to buy Elvis from Sam Phillips…plus 5,000 Phillips owed Elvis.

I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone

Well, you’re right, I’m left, she’s gone
You’re right, and I’m left all alone
Well, you tried to tell me so
But how was I to know
That she was not the one for me?

You told me all along
You’re right, our love was so wrong
But now I changed my mind
Because she broke the ties that bind
And I know that she never cared for me

Well, I thought I knew just what she’d do
I guess I’m not so smart
Oh, you tried to tell me all along she’d only break my heart
I’m left, you’re right, she’s gone
You’re right, and I’m left all alone

Well, she’s gone I know not where
But now I just don’t care
For now I’m falling for you

If you’ll forgive me now
I’ll make it up somehow
So happy we will be
In a home just for three
And I’ll soon forget her now I know

Well, I thought I knew just what she’d do
I guess I’m not so smart
You tried to tell me all along
She’d only break my heart

Well, you’re right, I’m left, she’s gone
You’re right, and I’m left all alone
Well, she’s gone, I know not where
But now I just don’t care
For now I’ve fallen for you

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

29 thoughts on “Elvis Presley – I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone”

  1. These old Sun sessions really are amazing. You’re right; no one has come close to duplicating what they did, whether it was finding the right artists or creating that “Sun Sound.” I’m sure some of it had to do with how tiny the room is; they got some of that slapback by opening the door between the studio and Marion Keisker’s office; she was Sam Phillips’ secretary/office manager.

    Visiting Sun Studios was like going to church for me. Thank you for sharing this “oldie but goodie.”

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      1. I’ve got to look up that story. A guy rebuilt it on his property. He used repurposed wood but it still wouldn’t be the same.
        An interesting one is the Stax one… you know about that one…it was a cinema with a slanted floor and got different sounds.

        I love those unique old studios.

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      2. I read about some barrels that had been at the bottom of Lake Superior for a long time after a shipwreck. It is too cold down there to allow the wood to rot. So… they pulled out some (all?) barrels and made violins I think it was.

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      3. I love stuff like that. When something is repurposed like that. Some people do hardwood floors out of old houses that have been torn down.
        I bet those violins are really good.

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      4. That is great….they can get this old wood for music instruments…it has a texture that new doesn’t have because it was dense in growth.
        Brazilian Rosewood…is very valuable and sometimes people find that…now it’s illegal to cut down. Gibson got into trouble using it.
        My family used it to make their guitars…it was ok back then.

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      5. That is the coolest. I wish I could restore things…I love bringing something old back to new.


      6. It is work but, it is rewarding. The ex-Marine and I used to watch a LOT of NYW & This Old House. He was good at building things…hence my house in Texas being remodeled three times (he was always trying to improve…and, eventually, made me sick). Ken likes Barnwood Builders and flipping shows (they are getting fewer & fewer).

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      7. Yea I love all of those shows…the show that I liked the best was the place in Las Vegas that restored Coke Machines or anything like that. I wish I had the talent to do that.


      8. I would love to have wood like that. I love my guitars with Brazilian Rosewood…Gibson got popped with fines a few years back by using it.


  2. Elvis was my childhood idol. I would try to impersonate him – the hair, the moves, the singing – as a 10-year-old or so. I’m sure my parents were quite amused or perhaps horrified! 🙂

    Then when I started taking guitar lesson at 12 or 13 years, The Beatles essentially replaced Elvis. I started learning their songs early on but never tried to impersonate them.

    While I no longer idolize any music artist including The Beatles, though they remain my all-time favorite band, I still believe Elvis was an amazing vocalist and performer – especially the early Elvis. If you look at his moves, to some extent it almost feels like you’re watching an early version of Michael Jackson. And, yes, those early Elvis records are great!

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    1. You started with someone great. My parents had his records and grew up on them. Don’t Be Cruel, Heartbreak Hotel…great records.

      I wanted to be a Monkee after seeing the reruns but right after that…. was The Beatles and I was lost.

      Early Elvis is fantastic!l The longer those movies went on the harder it was for me to like his music but he did make some good stuff in the 70s also.

      Nothing hardly beats those 50s Elvis records. You were one of the first Elvis impersonaters!

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      1. I read a couple of books part 1 and 2 that went over his career…yea Parker really pisses me off. I think he cheapened Elvis’s mage for more money in the short run.


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