Where is…Captain Kirk’s original Command Chair?

You know…who wouldn’t like Captain Kirk’s original command chair in their living room? Ok…some people would not like it but I have wondered where it is now. Many people build replicas of the chair but I want to know where the real one is. The real McCoy…pardon the pun.

The original owner picked up the chair and accompanying set pieces in 1969 after he received a call from a friend at Paramount Pictures, who alerted him to the fact that the entire Star Trek set was being scrapped and that, if he was interested, he was welcome to get whatever items he wanted before they were thrown away… I’m not sure where he stored it but I found where it was sold in 2002 for $265,000.

The late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen then bought the chair for a reported $305,000 in 2009. He also developed The Museum of Pop Culture or MoPOP in Seattle and that is where the chair is right now!

The chair is probably one of the most recognized chairs in the world.

Captain Kirk’s chair was built around the black Naugahyde cushioning and slim walnut arms of a model No. 2405 or No. 4449 armchair produced by Madison Furniture Industries of Canton, Miss., between 1962 and 1968. The industrial designer Arthur Umanoff conceived the chair as part of an attempt to replicate the Danish modern look which was popular in the early sixties.

The Museum of Pop Culture or MoPoP exhibits   

This is a link to the current museum…they have exhibits on the music of Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and Pearl Jam. It looks like a cool place. Have any of you visited this museum?


Displayed at The Museum of Pop Culture

Author: Badfinger (Max)

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17 thoughts on “Where is…Captain Kirk’s original Command Chair?”

  1. Well, that museum will be on my list to see if I ever get up to the Pacific NW.
    Odd how so many things like that which later become iconic were likely thrown in the garbage or at best hauled home by some hourly grunt when the shows wrapped up, no one suspecting how revered and valued they would become years later.

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    1. It would be…you know I wasn’t sure people would like to know where old things went to…I’ve been surprised…people seem to like this stuff like me.

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      1. I like learning about the items, they are important pieces of our culture. Some cultures have pyramids and towers, we have TV and movie memorabilia lol. I’m glad Captain Kirk’s chair is being preserved.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes it would…it was a cool robot. I’m looking forward to doing it. A robot showed up on Gilligans island one time…I’ve got to wonder if it was the same one…maybe modeled a different way….they resembled each other…I’ll find out.

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