Raspberries – Ecstacy ….Powerpop Friday

My favorite band from Cleveland. This song was on their Side 3 album released in 1973. The album only charted at #138 in the Billboard album charts. The song was released as a single but it didn’t chart.

The following year the band would give it one more shot with Starting Over and they would have one more top twenty single…Overnight Sensation.  After that Eric Carmen lost his edge and was All By…himself.

Anyway, a Raspberries song is a good way to start your weekend…



Come on!

When I think of all your lovin’ it makes me shiver
‘Cause when I get home
Just wait ’til I get you alone

When you touch me I’m in ecstasy
No one else could do the things you do
Let me please you too

When you kiss me I’m in ecstasy
No one else could make me feel this way
Tell me that you’ll stay

When you wrap your love around me and move so gently, yeah
I feel it begin
Don’t stop, I can feel my head spinning

Baby, baby, I just wanna make you
Feel the way I do
You got my backbone shakin’
And my poor heart’s breakin’ in two

Stay tonight
Stay tonight

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

19 thoughts on “Raspberries – Ecstacy ….Powerpop Friday”

    1. That sucks… I don’t like extremes… I’m not a conspiracy guy. I can’t stand Ted Nugent either.

      I’m pretty much middle it depends on the issue… no extreme either way. I tell people I’m a liberal conservative or a conservative liberal.

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  1. One of the few great things to come out of Cleveland- just kidding just kidding. The greatest figure in Steelers history Chuck Noll was from Cleveland… Cleveland isn’t a bad place at all really. …… as far as the politics of entertainers- or how they are as people- I try not to be interested. I have no desire to meet my heroes. I would have liked to have met Muhammad Ali other than that..

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    1. You know I still have an image of the River being on fire…which is not fair whatsoever now. I have heard good things about Cleveland.

      No I would not try to meet any of my heroes. They are human and they have bad days like everyone else…and one bad day would ruin it for you.

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      1. Cleveland over the past few decades has done a lot to clean up its act- of course they still have the Browns. Every city has its undesirables- Pittsburgh- City of Champions- and the Pirates.

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      2. Speaking of Pittsburgh…Still reading the book…man they really dominated in the early seventies…they could have easily won another World Series if things would have fallen right.

        Hans can you see my baseball posts? I don’t think some can…yesterday it had Steve Blass on it and today it has Mark Fidrych.

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      3. I was going to ask you about that- what is the name of the blog? It isn’t showing up on my reading list- and I still can’t get this one to either I just look it up everyday…… Yes those Pirates- I think the 72 team was their greatest team-the year they lost to the Reds on the Moose wild pitch. Being young in the 70’s I just thought it was a birthright- that the Pirates would always be good. Even their bad years in the 70’s were pretty good [ expect for 1973- and even then they were in it until the end.}

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      4. Your reply didn’t show up in my comment sidebar for some reason…sorry for the trouble…that is odd. It is http://talkingaboutbaseball.wordpress.com/

        The Reds it seems were their biggest roadblock for a few years like they were for other teams. I know what you mean about birthright. My first year of watching baseball… 77 and then 78 I thought they would go to the World Series every year. Reading about Dock Ellis…he was a character…rollers and all.

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      5. I don’t think there was ever a dull moment with Dock Ellis. Good book on him by the poet Donald Hall – called Dock Ellis and The Country Of Baseball. He was always a favorite of mine- but he wasn’t a popular Pirate at the time with a lot of fans…. Thanks for the link will check it out- and write down the needed info to find it. I don’t understand why your pages won’t show up in my feed.

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      6. Donald Hall…he was in the Ken Burns Baseball documentary I believe. Thanks I’ll have to check that out. He is so interesting…he doesn’t seem like a bad guy…just would say what was on his mind. I read about the mace to his face in Riverfront.

        How about this Hans…let me delete you from my follow list on both sites…next time you go in try re-following…I’m not sure it will work but there is nothing to lose lol…give me 10 minutes and I’ll get it.


      7. Ok…whenever you go back to them try to follow again if you don’t mind…I don’t know if it would make a difference of me doing it or not…

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