Classic TV Episodes: The X-Files – Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose

Two FBI agents assigned to investigate cases for which there may be only paranormal explanations. Hailed by critics, the show was one of the network’s top-rated shows.

The show was heavily influenced by Kolchak, Twilight Zone, and Twin Peaks.

The X-Files was a show I didn’t miss in the 1990s. It was a superbly written science fiction show along with likable characters…Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The series combined drama, science fiction, comedy, and an ongoing storyline. You could say the X-Files help define the 90s.

This episode won two Emmy Awards: Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series (Peter Boyle), and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.


The X-Files – Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose

The Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Clyde Bruckman, The Puppet (as Stu Charno), Detective Cline, Detective Havez, Tarot Dealer, Madame Zelmas, Clerk
The Stupendous Yappi, Young Husband, and Photographer

The writers got the name “Clyde Bruckman” from a comedy writer that wrote for Buster Keaton in the 20s. He later fell on hard times and committed suicide in 1955.

Scully and Mulder are called into the investigation of a series of murders where the victims were all psychics of some sort. A tea leaf reader, tarot card reader and palm reader are all the apparent victims of a serial killer. The local police have brought in a well-known TV psychic that Mulder finds laughable. He does come across Clyde Bruckman, an insurance salesman who may be a genuine psychic. While Scully is appropriately skeptical, Mulder realizes that Bruckman can only see one thing – how people will die.

Clyde Bruckman is a grumpy old man with psychic powers that show him how someone will die assists the agents with the hunt for a crazed killer who targets psychics. He also cryptically reveals to Mulder and Scully their own ultimate fates

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16 thoughts on “Classic TV Episodes: The X-Files – Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”

      1. Thats what I thought you meant. I didn’t watch much TV in the 90s…to busy running amuck but this one I wouldn’t miss. I can’t blame your dad.

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  1. I don’t think I remember that episode. Loved the show at the beginning – for probably first 3 seasons it was “must see TV” for me- I always have been fascinated by UFOs and the conspiracy theories surrounding, so it was a natural for me. And the main characters were great. Seemed to get a little lost and convoluted later on in the series; maybe I’m biased but I think it went downhill when they left Vancouver for filming (either Duchovny or Anderson had said they loved BC because it was so dark and gloomy looking most of the time, it fit the atmosphere)… even though I got a kick out of seeing it set in places like Iowa or florida and seeing mountains in the background and have them walking through forests of 100-foot spruce trees.

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    1. When Mulder left I lost interest completely. I always liked Skully but it took the both of them.
      I remember when they moved it did change the atmosphere of the show. I remember a lot of people talking about that. I was going to feature that episode that was banned…remember that one?

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