Who was the Last Rock Star…Post Cobain?

This is more of a question than a post…just curious what you think.

I was commenting on A Sound Day and I asked Dave a question on a post about Michael Hutchinson of INXS. Who was the last Rock Star? Since Kurt Cobain died has there really been a rock star like we knew in the 60s and 70s to come along? Not counting older ones still around.

When I say rock star…I mean one comparable to the legends that we know… Between 1955 and 1994 there were plenty to pick from…Elvis, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Elton John, Sly Stone, Roger Waters, Prince, and the list could go on…These artists spoke to generations.

So no… Nickleback’s lead singer would not count.

The only two names I could think of was Dave Grohl and  Jack White of the White Stripes. Someone who is known outside the world of Rock and Roll. I’m not sure Grohl and White would count either.

Johnny Depp has the image but is an actor mostly.

Anyone else?



Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

41 thoughts on “Who was the Last Rock Star…Post Cobain?”

    1. Vedder is a really good one…I would say that would count. Vedder was about the same time I believe so I would say he would at least count.
      Mumford is good also.
      One thing is for sure…they don’t come as often anymore.

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      1. I’m still trying to think of more. Alanis Morissette, maybe? I would say Taylor Swift, but she is country, pop and acting. I don’t think she has even attempted to crossover into rock. Maybe someday.

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      2. Oh…there is one that UK #1’s Blog mentioned…or two really… The Gallaghers…they are better known in the UK but…they do fit.
        I never thought of Alanis Morissette… this is fun.

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      3. Ed Sheeran…I don’t know how I missed that one. Chris Martin would be one to consider.

        Originally I was thinking who is Mick Jagger now, Keith Moon now…ect…I couldn’t continue that way because it’s a different society now…some of that wouldn’t fly…


      4. Yes, I’m trying to figure out who is just a musician and who breaks out from there and becomes more of a conversation starter. There are a lot of ways people have done that, and it sometimes but not always makes them what I would consider a rock star. Kind of nebulous. Rob Thomas is another ‘maybe’ for me. I’m not sure.

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      5. You are thinking of more possibilities than I did… It’s a hard thing to explain. I’m not a big Nirvana fan at all…but Cobain did fit in that throw back mode of “rock star”. Not counting the way he died but just his presence.
        I’m taking this too deep but…does it mean they have to be a little dangerous or edgy? Stand for something? I don’t think drugs have any say on it…it’s hard finding that definition.
        It’s sad that we have to think hard of them now instead of reeling them off. The rap stars have kind of taken their place.
        I hold on to the hope that rock music will come back in the mainstream more. It’s out there…but you have to look to find it…and you shouldn’t have to.


      6. I finally made myself stop thinking of more, ha! I’m definitely not a fan of some of the ones I listed. And, I totally agree that rap stars have stepped in and filled that edgy void. I hope rock never really goes away. It’s almost a lifestyle, and an important option for a wide range of ages, from preteens through elderly.

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      7. I can’t blame you…it’s driving me mad thinking.
        I really do think rock music will make a comeback. Younger people…my son’s age do like the classic rock…some more than anything now…they will want more.
        Bailey want’s the deluxe White Album vinyl from last year for Christmas…so there is hope.


      8. Yes he does… and I didn’t push him either. He picked up things of course but even his friends love Hendrix and others similiar.
        I’m so looking forward to the Who album. I didn’t like the last song as much as the first two but…I still liked it. I’m ready! I’m even re-reading Townshend’s Who I Am bio.

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  1. From a British point of view there’s the Gallaghers, especially Liam. Loud, controversial, obnoxious, but he definitely has a star quality about him.

    There’s an argument to say that since the 90s, rappers have been the new rock stars in terms of their lavish lifestyles and notoriety…

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    1. Yes… I didn’t think of the Gallaghers. They would fit really well. They are known outside of the UK also…not as big as there but are known.

      Yea I agree with the rappers…that is why I picked Johnny Depp also…he has that image…with the hotel wrecking lol. I tried to stick with rock music…and it’s not many.

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      1. Yeah the guys have gone boring lol…

        Also, there’s an argument to say that since Madonna, it’s actually female artists that have been looking and behaving more like rock stars… Pink, Lady Gaga etc… Not that they make rock music, but still…

        Anyway, nice post. Had me thinking all day

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  2. Interesting question. Like I said to you before, both White and Grohl are great musicians with a ton of respect from their peers, but both also seem like nice guys which is perhaps a bit out of keeping with the personas of Morrison, Jagger and some others (although, conversely The Beatles made their careers out of being seen as nice lads next door).
    When you put it like you do – a name known outside of the rock world, a name like McCartney, Elton, Johnny Cash, that everybody knows even if they couldn’t name one of their songs… no. Can’t think of anyone who came on the scene since the 80s to fit that … Cobain, and before that Bono, might be the last.
    Now in the pop world, grudgingly I’d say maybe Beyonce or Justin Bieber fit that mold but… can’t really see their body of work having people revere it decades from now so I don’t know they fit that either.

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    1. UK Blog mentioned the Gallagher…they do have that appeal although more in the UK than here but they are very well known regardless.

      run-sew-run mentioned Eddie Vedder…around the same time as Cobain but he fits in that category. It’s hard to describe it.

      I know…when we were talking I talked about the danger element but that would eliminate some unfairly. Lennon was pretty rough at times but a broad appeal. .

      Beyonce or Justin Bieber…yea they are stars to the highest degree in populairity but they seem to be in the long line of disposable music that won’t last like you said.


      1. the Gallaghers have the swagger and mindset of traditional “rock stars” indeed, but I’m not sure their reputation goes too far outsideof the boundaries of music fans, even in the UK. The alt rock station in toronto used to have a funny contest for awhile called “What the hell is Noel Gallagher saying?”… they ran a clip of Noel talking away from an interview and listeners were supposed to decipher it. Much of the time no one could!

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      2. Yeah, one of the examples where Canada really is a mix of US & UK…up there, Oasis was way bigger than in States…but way less ‘all that’ than they were in their homeland

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  3. To be fair, rock and roll as we know and love it is sort of dead, at least as far as the mainstream is concerned. I wouldn’t expect to see a “rock and roll icon” for many years unless there is some sort of revival. There are some punk rock icons post Cobain but they are probably only known in certain circles.

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    1. I know…I hold out hope for a revival. I compare it to the early sixties when Elvis went to the Army and the others scattered or died…there wasn’t much going on but Pat Boone until Motown and The Beatles came along.

      There is good music out there…but you shouldn’t have to look so hard to find it…but I do agree with you.


  4. I think you could make an argument for Matty Healy from The 1975. He’s opinionated and interesting, his band’s records go to number one, and he’s very attractive. The single ‘People’ from their upcoming album is notable because it’s way heavier than anything they’ve done previously, and Healy seems to be taking on a spokesperson for the generation role. It’s pretty hard for anyone to stand out in such a fragmented scene though.

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    1. You just said the key thing that I didn’t go over… the fragmented music industry. The labels on everything and so many places people go to listen to music.

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  5. Real Rock started to die with the American Idol explosion. Everybody wants to be a star but, REAL rock stars are forged out of hard work & paying dues…not shiny contracts from huge music industry moguls.

    REAL rock still happens but, the industry turned away from them. They are too hard to manage and they don’t easily conform to “the standards”. Perfect example, the Taylor Swift battle. She owes her soul to the company store and can’t sing some of her own music…because she doesn’t own it. She is a “captive” star and all she could do was rant on Twitter. It got their attention as her fans doxxed the company’s family members.

    REAL rockers would never let that shit happen, now so, they toil in obscurity.

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    1. Oh how I hate those kind of shows… the instant 15 minute of fame. No grassroots work…just have it all at once.

      That is what I think…the industry cannot control them like a manufactured pop band as in One Direction.

      That is the sad part…there are great ones out there but will never get a chance. I do hope a revival happens one day. The kids Bailey’s age…a lot of them anyway…like the older rock like Hendrix, Beatles, Stones, and The Who… I doubt if it will but I hope it does.


      1. It won’t. Any real change in the music industry will only happen after a catastrophic monetary collapse, affecting the entire country and/or world. It’s happening in slow motion right now. Read Zerohedge?

        TPTB are trying to make a One World Order/Gov. The masses may have other ideas. Riots breaking out everywhere…

        Don’t mean to be doom & gloom but, we ain’t in the ‘Feel Good’ 70s or the ‘Let’s Party’ 80s or the ‘Booming’ 90s anymore. We are, effectively, past the point of no return.

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      2. You are a ray of sunshine aren’t ya? lol.

        The music part has a lot of factors…like who gets in charge. Someone again will get a chance I believe. As far as making money…Nirvana made a fortune for Geffen Records…now the manufactured ones make more because the company gets more.

        Yea the one world thing I started to hear around the early nineties.

        No I’ve never read it…isn’t it a blog?


      3. That’s me. Happy, happy girl…

        It might look like a blog but, there is no WP in the source code. It is programmed in PURL. Blogger is Python. I’d say built-from-the-ground-up website. And, the writer “Tyler Durden” is a take off on “Fight Club”. No one really knows who that is.

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  6. Good question…not really sure either. Groups/singers don’t have the longevity that they once did so it hard to build the brand/legend. Taylor swift is not quite rock but perhaps the closest I can think of

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    1. “Bands” on a mass scale…in rock music are really no more. Dave Grohl was my best guess. He really emerged as a star after Cobain technically.


  7. The first person who popped into my head was Lenny Kravitz. I think he has the rockstar image down, but I can’t say I remember any recent recordings from him. Then again, I don’t really follow current music. Maybe his retro vibe is what brought him to my attention in the first place.

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    1. Lenny’s image fits perfect. I didn’t think of him. Let Love Rule I still love and a lot of his stuff. I don’t follow recent stuff either. There is some great bands out there but just not mainstream.


    1. Problem is he isn’t known to the rest of the world. The two brothers in Oasis are the only other ones I know…but they are mostly known in the UK.


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