Classic TV Episodes: Seinfeld – The Soup Nazi

This show had great writing and cast. For my money, it was the sitcom of the 90s. It wasn’t like all the main characters were likable like other sitcoms…far from it…but it worked perfectly.

The Soup Nazi was based on Al Yeganeh, the real-life owner of Soup Kitchen International in Manhattan, New York City. After the episode aired, Jerry Seinfeld and members of the cast and crew went to the restaurant for lunch. Yeganeh yelled at them and stated that the publicity had ruined his reputation. After Seinfeld offered an apology, Yeganeh yelled, “No soup for you!” and ejected them from his restaurant. Any references to “Seinfeld” are forbidden in any Soup Kitchen International.

Yeganeh ran his soup kitchen as a very tight ship. All of his customers would line up and be forced to obey his strict and formal rules of standing, talking, paying, waiting and requesting the soup the desired. Anyone who deviated in the slightest and offended Yeganeh was immediately told to get out and refunded their money.

Yeganeh’s pat line, to any customer who offended him, was “No soup for you!”

Um… you know what? Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like Al Pacino? You know, “Scent Of A Woman.” Who-ah! Who-ah!



Seinfeld: The Soup Nazi

The characters: Jerry Seinfield, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza, Newman, Susan Ross, Sheila, Soup Nazi, Bania, Cedric, Bob, Super, and Furniture Guy.

Everyone goes to this new soup stand because the soup is so great. Unfortunately, the owner is obsessed about his customer’s ordering procedure. Jerry and his new girlfriend annoy everybody by using baby talk. George tries to do the same thing with Susan to show how annoying they are to everybody. Jerry and his girlfriend get rejected from the Soup Nazi’s kitchen when they’re caught kissing in line. Elaine buys an Armoire and asks Kramer to watch it. While watching it, Kramer is robbed by some gay, trash-talking street toughs who want nothing more than the Armoire. She then gets rejected from the soup kitchen when she offends the “Soup Nazi”. Kramer, who befriends the Soup Nazi, gets a new Armoire exactly like the one that was stolen from him. He then gives it to Elaine, who discovers the Soup Nazi’s recipes inside. Jerry pleads with her not to do anything, but Elaine threatens to put the Soup Nazi out of business.


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30 thoughts on “Classic TV Episodes: Seinfeld – The Soup Nazi”

  1. I think that I watched every episode of Seinfeld, such a great show. When I moved down South, the people here never heard of it, so it must be that Northerners have a different sense of humor.


    1. Jim, I apologize…this one and the Derek Dominos “I Looked Away” were in my spam that I checked today. It makes no sense why these two would go there. Anyway, that is the reason I didn’t reply promptly.


  2. A classic indeed, right there with the Puffy Shirt as the best of Seinfeld, I’d say. Another of those shows that I watched only casually first-run in the 90s but got into more when it became syndicated and the DVDs started showing up everywhere.
    I think the real “soup Nazi” managed to get a deal for distributing his soup to supermarkets, didn’t he? That show made his career!

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  3. I would not like to live in a world where Seinfeld and Curb Your enthusiasm didn’t exist. My old man was a huge fan as well of Seinfeld. The documentaries about it’s making, bloopers and insider stuff is fantastic too. Seinfeld’s optimistic and relaxed nature and David’s neurotic pessimism was a match made in heaven.

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  4. Eh. I’ve heard about the soup nazi but, I’ve never seen a single Seinfeld episode. I’ve seen bits and pieces over the years but, I’m not a Seinfeld fan and I can’t stand Jason Alexander.

    Sorry. Being a heretic, again… Everyone was SO in love with this show and I couldn’t get away from it fast enough.

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    1. No not this time. I respect it but I never loved it. Do I think it was the best written show of it’s time? Yes I do but one day I realized…I don’t like these characters. That is the point but still.


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