Ride – Twisterella —-Powerpop Friday

This is a fantastic sounding song by a band named Ride.

Ride were formed in 1988 in Oxford by school friends Andy Bell and Mark Gardener, before recruiting drummer Loz Colbert at the Oxfordshire School of Art & Design and local bassist Steve Queralt.

They broke up in 1996 because of differences between Andy Bell and Mark Gardener. Gardener wanted to go forward in a more dance style of music…Bell didn’t but both wanted to go more contemporary style. Bassist Steve Queralt said: The band had two future directions open to them, and they chose the wrong option.

They reunited in 2014 and released their first album in 21 years in 2017.

Twisterella peaked at #12 in 1992 in the Billboard Alternative Charts and #36 in the UK. The song was on the Really Going Back album and it peaked at #5 in the UK in 1992.

The band had 1 top ten song, 6 top 40, and 10 top 75 songs in the UK charts.


Any minute you will feel the chemistry
Vibrations in the brain can’t ever be explained
Slip away and out of sight, feel the magnet of a night
The circus that you see is where you have to be

If I’ve seen it all before why’s this bus taking me back again?
If I don’t need anymore why’s this bus taking me back again?

Feel the weight letting go, feel more lightness than you’ve ever known
You can’t see when light’s so strong, you can’t see when light is gone

If I’ve seen it all before why’s this bus taking me back again?
If I don’t need anymore why’s this bus taking me back again?

“Look at Twisterella, she hasn’t got a fella”


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

11 thoughts on “Ride – Twisterella —-Powerpop Friday”

  1. I like it. Haven’t heard of them. I saw Andy Bell listed and thought of Erasure, but apparently this is a different Andy Bell than that one, howver this guy was in Oasis briefly and then the spin-off band Beady Eye.

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    1. I was wondering if you had heard of them. They were I guess pretty successful in the UK…surprised me this got to 12 in the Alternative charts but I missed it.

      Liked by 1 person

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