Classic TV Episodes: The Andy Griffith Show – The Pickle Story

Some shows are easy to pick a classic episode…this one not so much. There are so many to pick from but personally, I really like this one. It was reported that The Pickle Story was Don Knott’s favorite of the series. Aunt Bee was a fantastic cook but don’t ask her to make pickles or marmalade. Andy, Barney, and Opie pays when she does…

“You mean you actually WANT her to make another batch of them kerosene cucumbers?”
” I gotta tell ya, my heart ain’t in this… Well, it’s not so much your heart we need, it’s your stomach”
“I don’t know how I can face the future when I know there’s eight quarts of these pickles in it.

The ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW – The Pickle Story

This show’s writing was top notch. There are a lot of shows that are memorable with The Andy Griffith Show. The Characters are Aunt Bee, Barney Fife, Opie Taylor, Andy Taylor, Clara Johnson, Motorist from Oregon, County Fair Judge

Clara drops by the Taylor house so Bee can sample some of the pickles she’s been working on for the county fair, which are delicious – they’ve won the blue ribbon 11 years in a row. Bee lets her sample some of the pickles that she’s been putting up for the family, which are terrible – the bane of her family’s meals for years. Aghast at the horrible concoction, Clara launches into a long list of polite suggestions that might help to make them better, but Bee waves them off. No less flabbergasted by her “kerosene cucumbers” are Andy and Barney who, unlike Clara, don’t know how to tell her that they’re awful. As a survival tactic, Andy and Barney plot to make her pickles edible by placing store-bought pickles in Aunt Bee’s jars while placing her pickles in store jars with Barney handing them out as gifts to passing motorists heading far away.

The plot works, but then Bee announces her decision to enter her pickles at the fair. Andy and Barney consider letting the matter slide, but when Clara drops by the courthouse to let Andy sample her pickles and pours her heart out about how much winning the contest at the fair means to her, Andy feels bad and suggests to Barney that they reverse their plan by eating all the store pickles so that Aunt Bee will have to make more. They do, she does, and once again they’re terrible – only this time it’ll be according to the judges at the fair. The winner is Clara for the 12th year in a row. Unfazed, Aunt Bee announces to Andy and Barney that, due to their recent appetite for her pickles, she’s made 16 jars for them to enjoy. Along with that terrible news, they also discover she’s started making heinous marmalade.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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13 thoughts on “Classic TV Episodes: The Andy Griffith Show – The Pickle Story”

  1. The Andy Griffith show is always described as gentile humor–and that’s just what it is. And that’s a hard thing to pull off. I loved it as a kid. Then I moved up here and I OD on it and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It has taken me awhile to like either one of them again. The Pickle Story is a good one. My favorite episode is the Party Girls.

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    1. I like Party Girls also…it was hard to pick one. I have to be in a mood to watch them because you are right…it’s where we are at…it’s a requirement to watch them…and yes on Lynyrd Skynryd…it’s like a state law.

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  2. Practically the only TV we watch anymore is classic TV on MeTV. We’ve seen all the black & white episodes of The Andy Griffith Show several times over, and still love them. The pickle episode is TV at its best. We also like the episodes where Ernest T Bass shows up and breaks windows and anytime Barney decides he’s going to crack a huge case and it ends up a disaster.

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    1. I’ve watched them time after time but they are always great. I hardly ever watch the color ones though…Andy turned into a grump when Barney left…he was a straight man to no one anymore.
      I liked Earnest T also…and the Darlings.


  3. It shows up here on COZI TV, which we get over the air as a subsidiary (?) of NBC. I like it for the reruns of ‘Emergency’ and ‘Adam 12’ on weekends and mornings and ‘Frasier’ in primetime. Seems like Andy comes on around dinner time, I don’t really watch it but it’s still out there which is rather nice!

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  4. Aunt Bee was a handful. I don’t know how Andy put up with her. I may have mentioned this before but it seems like every episode Andy is yelling at someone. I think the most normal person on the show is Opey. Maybe the only normal person.. Have you ever seen A Face In The Crowd? Andy said he was much more like his character in that movie- Lonesome Rhodes- than he was Andy Taylor- in real life.

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    1. I think the lady that played Aunt Bee called Andy and apologized for the way she acted near the end…that is pretty bad.
      Yes I saw Face In The Crowd. What an under rated movie. That is scary that he was like that…but it was true to life.


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