Traveling Wilburys – If You Belonged To Me

Next, to other Dylan songs, this one is lighter but maybe that is the reason I like it…Bob seems loose on this song and it’s nice to hear him sound so relaxed.

I still know every word to this song. I had the Wilburys Vol 3 cassette and I wore it out in my car. Was it as good as the first album? No, but I still liked it a bunch. This song is pure Dylan but Dylan sounding vulnerable. Of all the members of this supergroup…Bob seemed to enjoy being part of a band and not being the focus for a change. He sounds like he is having fun.

Roy was gone by this album and he is sorely missed. He was like having the equivalent of a vocal ace up your sleeve that no one could match. This song was on the Traveling Wilburys Vol 3 and the album peaked at #11 in 1990.

If You Belonged To Me

Waltzing around the room tonight
In someone else’s clothes
You’re always coming out of things
Smelling like a rose

You hang your head and your heart is filled
With so much misery
You’d be happy as you could be
If you belonged to me

You say, “Let’s go to the rodeo
And see some cowboy fall”
Sometimes it seems to me you’ve
Got no sympathy at all

You keep on going on and on
About how you’re so free
You’d be happy as you could be
If you belonged to me

It ain’t easy to get to you
But there must be some kind of a way
If only two could look to you
For only one moment of each day

You’re saying that you’re all washed up
Got nothing else to give
Seems like you never figured out
How long you have to live

You could feel like a baby again
Sitting on your daddy’s knee
Oh, how happy you would be
If you belonged to me

The guy you’re with is a ruthless pimp
Everybody knows
Every cent he takes from you
Goes straight up his nose

You look so sad, you’re going so mad
Any fool can see
You’d be happy as you could be
If you belong to me
You’d be happy as you could be
If you belong to me


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Wilburys – If You Belonged To Me”

    1. I was wondering what other Dylan fans thought of this song. It’s one of the few times I’ve heard him sound venerable…it’s kinda heart wrenching because it sounds like he means it so much.

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