Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo Commercial

I don’t know if this is an iconic commercial of the time but it got my attention as a kid. I love the animation on it. I remember the green bottle of this shampoo and also “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific” and I would mix them all together…I wasted a lot of shampoo but I was clean!

Clairol launched Herbal Essence in 1972 as “the most beautiful shampoo experience on Earth.” Most people remember the original green bottle, featuring a woman with long flowing hair surrounded by nature.  The ad claimed the shampoo also contained scents of juniper, birch leaves, cinchona, melissa, and mountain gentian.

The scent of the shampoo changed when Proctor and Gamble bought Clairol in 2001 from Clairol who had owned it since the 50s.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

18 thoughts on “Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo Commercial”

      1. Thanks Dave! I didn’t know you had this one. Have you wrote professionally in your life?

        I’m toying with the idea of a baseball only blog. Just baseball in general but there aren’t many fans on WP I don’t think…but it would be fun all the same. Just a once in a while blog. I think you and Hans would read it anyway.

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      2. definitely would! You might be right there aren’t so many fans of baseball on the site, but there are some, and who cares really (well- yes, honestly I bet we all like it when our daily views rise) ? It would be interesting to get your take on it.
        I think in some ways I made one or two wrong choices vocationally AND was born ten years too late. I’ve written a few articles professionally for magazines and had guest columns occasionally in large newspapers , plus helped run very briefly a very low circulation local paper (badly run, no business plan, it was doomed but I found it interesting to help put it together and be one of about 3 writers and a couple of photographers on staff, and soon the only proofreader too). By the time I got serious about it, the field was shrinking dramatically… people I knew who were REALLY good were suddenly losing their jobs at “name” newspapers and the magazine market had tightened up considerably too.
        Just put out my first novel, but only as an e-book so far. I’m proud of it but it’s hard as hell to get any notice for it. Like music — easy to get your work out to the public now, difficult to get noticed through all the clutter and noise.
        But– write some baseball stuff MAx! you have knowledge and a good sense of the game and of writing readable blogs!

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  1. I started the site today…when I get it finished and published I’ll tell you. It will be called “Talking About Baseball”…I’m want to try to make it present and past… We will see how this goes…You were talking about views…I’ve seen a rise since I made that index…a lot of viewing my archive.

    I thought you had written before. Your phrasing, content, and structure are too good not to be a writer… It must have been cool to be part of a newspaper… even a failed one. That is a lot of experience anyway. The internet put a huge dent in newspapers in general.

    How did you distribute your novel? That is something to be really proud of Dave. What is it called and who carries it? Do you have a site?

    You are so right. It’s easy to get things out but the market is flooded with everything.

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    1. Thanks again.
      Yep, newspaper business is grim these days…not only direct competition of internet for news but the disappearance of classified ads (for the most part) that used to pay so much of the way for the print copies. In my travels this decade I think toronto should be proud to still have two very good dailies (I was so disappointed in Atlanta with the one, and a rather thin, low-content one for a city its size) but both of those papers are only shadows of what they used to be.
      My novel is called ‘Grace, Fully Living’. It’s a romcom type novel, I think akin to something along the lines of a ‘Bridget Jones Diary’. So far, only have it available as an e-book (Kindle, I-phone, online reader sorts of formats) I might try to print up a small number and self-distribute. E-book is through a company called Smashwords and available through them, and through a number of online sellers like Barnes and Noble (not Amazon yet however.) there’s more info about it on the Everydave blog, the same one the ‘Emergency” one is at.
      Did you ever think of putting together some of your blogs into some sort of book?

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      1. We have the Tennessean and that is it. We did have two at one time but the other one…The Nashville Banner died in the late 90s after running over 100 years.

        That is really cool man that you have that out there. I will check that blog out.

        I’ve thought about it but I get so personal in mine…I’m not sure it would fly. I would also probably have to lengthen mine posts out a little. I keep them short but I think they would have to be longer.

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  2. The name ‘Herbal Essence’ and the green bottle, is burned in my memory. But really nothing else about the shampoo. I tried it once back then, and was profoundly disappointed that it didn’t live up to the ads.

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    1. I remember the bottle too- very distinctive. Don’t think I ever used it though. Was thinking to myself “do they still make it?” then realized, oh yes, of course they do but the bottles are way different now and it comes in about 100 different scents.

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    2. I remember it because I was a mad scientist mixing all of them together…then waiting for my mom to ask what happened to all of the shampoo.
      I cannot remember the name but we also had a shampoo with a top shaped like a lemon…


      1. I found it! It’s called “Lemon Up” …they sell the old containers on ebay of course. I didn’t bother to search because I didn’t think I’d find it.


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