Valerie Harper 1939-2019

Another part of childhood is gone today. Valerie Harper passed away at 80.  I always loved the show Rhoda and nothing screamed the seventies like that show did. Rhoda was a strong female lead character and Valerie Harper played her wonderfully.

Before the hype of the Dallas’s Who Shot Jr episode that aired in1974, was the  Rhoda getting married 2 part episode. Many people tuned in…That episode was the highest-rated television episode of the 1970s until Roots came along in 1977. More than 53 million Americans tuned in to watch.

An article about Valerie…



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13 thoughts on “Valerie Harper 1939-2019”

    1. Yea but she has been beating it for years. Years ago doctors said she only had a few weeks or months to live…she lived a lot longer than they expected. I read where she was trying a new treatment.


    1. It’s funny that I remember the show Rhoda so vivid… I remember the character that you never could see “Carlton Your Doorman”….

      It was never as good as the MTM show but it was good.

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      1. Cloris Leachman is still alive-93–some of those folks on that show have lived very long lives- maybe it was those cold Minnesota winters! Georgia Engel died this April.

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      2. I was talking about that last night. Ed Asner, Betty White, Gavin MacLeod, and John Amos.
        Cloris Leachman has popped up in things in the 50s I didn’t know she was on like Gunsmoke and others.

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    1. Or you don’t remember him lol. I don’t think they ever showed his face.
      When you watch the show…the set was what people would call tacky now…I love it…it was the most 70s looking show I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Loved Valerie Harper in both MTM (which wasn’t a huge show in the UK) and in Rhoda (which was much more popular airing at a better time on a major channel). MTM Show is just amazing still. Would love to see Rhoda repeated.

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    1. MTM is a classic and some great writing. Rhoda wasn’t as consistent but still very good. Valerie Harper did such a good job with that character. Rhoda was more gritty I would say than MTM… if that makes sense.

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