Ween – Even If You Don’t

I heard this in 2000 for the first time and right away I liked it. It has a slight Beatle influenced feel and is extremely catchy. Ween does not take them seriously and they are fun to listen to. The Band formed in 1984 in New Hope, Pennsylvania by childhood friends Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo.

This song didn’t chart but it was played on many alternative stations.

From Wiki

Ween signed with Elektra Records and released their major label debut Pure Guava on November 10, 1992. Pure Guava featured their highest charting single, “Push th’ Little Daisies” which gained them media and MTV attention, as the video was a highlighted target on MTV’s Beavis and Butt-Head. The song was also a hit in Australia, reaching #18 on the singles chart.

They also wrote and performed the song “Ocean Man” for the Spongebob movie.


Even If You Don’t

I’m goin’ crazy trying to keep you sane
Takin’ my prescriptions, forging my name
I was happy this morning, ya finally got yourself dressed, eatin all the bacon
Its okay i was still impressed

I love you, even if you don’t
you’ve got your knife up to my throat, what do you want to see with me?

Rooting though the garbage for treasures in the trash pile, seein my expression will always make you smile
Please don’t touch my phone book, my friends are getting pissed off
Ya wake em I’m the morning, I’m acting like a jerkoff

I love you, even if you don’t
you’ve got your knife up to my throat, what do you want to see with me?
I love you, even if you don’t
you’ve got your knife up to my throat, what do you want to see with me?
I love you, even if you don’t
you’ve got your knife up to my throat, what do you want to see with me?


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

13 thoughts on “Ween – Even If You Don’t”

  1. Sounds good! Don’t think I’ve heard it before but it’s catchy. Heard a tune or 2 from them but never enough to really get a fix on what they were. I might look up a few more of theirs after hearing this

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    1. I know…I must have caught it right when it was popular on an alternative station here…I don’t listen to radio a lot at all…but I was at work and they played this quite a bit. I like the bouncy feel.


  2. Great choice. Ween were a great pop/rock band once they started doing full studio productions, and I think they’re a bit overlooked by lots of rock fans who would enjoy them. Similar video to yesterday’s Weezer one and great guitar solo.

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    1. I have liked what I’ve heard of them. Never heard a full album but songs like Push th little daisies, Ocean Man and a few others. I read where they started without anyone but the two but then added. You are the first I believe who has commented today who knew them….they are overlooked. They have regrouped I believe.

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      1. Yeah they started as a lo fi duo. The early stuff has some good songs, but I’m much more of a fan from when they started doing polished albums from 1994’s Chocolate and Cheese. The Mollusk and White Pepper are my favourite albums by them – they’re clearly classic rock fans, and there are lots of fun homages on their records.

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      2. They don’t take themselves seriously is what I like also… Thanks I will check those out. I’ve heard them mostly on an alternative radio station we have here.

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    1. Well more like Lennon – McCartney type of melody…I like this one.

      Yea I’m not good with anniversaries. The only ones I’ve got was Lennon’s death and the Cell Phone.


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