The Boys of Summer

It’s finally opening day…

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Opening Day…Baseball is back and I’m thrilled. I’ve always been a baseball fan first. No other sport matches up against it. It’s a game that takes a tremendous amount of skill to play. Most players who get drafted never get to play in the majors. Hitting a major league curveball is probably the hardest thing to do in all sports.

Anyway, there is nothing like spring training and the hope for a new season. Every team is tied at 0 in the standings. I really wish an MLB team was in the city I live in…we have an NFL team that I would trade in a heartbeat to get an MLB team. Baseball is not an action-packed game like basketball, soccer or hockey but there is a game within a game. When you get up to bat…no one is going to block for you…no it’s you against that pitcher ……

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Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

10 thoughts on “The Boys of Summer”

  1. I finally changed my “Cover Photo” on Facebook from a wintery scene to Comerica Park – home of the Detroit Tigers. Been waiting for baseball season for a long time! This year, I am hoping to hit some more of the minor league parks. Seems like it’s cheaper and the baseball is just as good.

    Bring on the first pitch!!

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      1. I remember that one as well…when they intentionally walked the guy in front of Gibson…Sparky made all of that situation also. That video is what us Dodger fans have held on to since 1988…I was 21 when that happened…now I’m 52…time for another win.


      2. They wanted to walk Gibson, but Gossage wanted to pitch to him. Sparky was awesome!

        I was 14 in 84 … 49 this year. We keep hoping for another “roar of 84” here. Tigers/Dodgers?? I like the sounds of that….

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