The Boys of Summer

Opening Day…Baseball is back and I’m thrilled. I’ve always been a baseball fan first. No other sport matches up against it. It’s a game that takes a tremendous amount of skill to play. Most players who get drafted never get to play in the majors. Hitting a major league curveball is probably the hardest thing to do in all sports.

Anyway, there is nothing like spring training and the hope for a new season. Every team is tied at 0 in the standings. I really wish an MLB team was in the city I live in…we have an NFL team that I would trade in a heartbeat to get an MLB team. Baseball is not an action-packed game like basketball, soccer or hockey but there is a game within a game. When you get up to bat…no one is going to block for you…no it’s you against that pitcher … What I love is the different sized fields, no clock, no salary cap, players with quirks, fastballs that are 95 and above and the people who have the skills to play it right…it is a beautiful thing to see.

Baseball really hasn’t changed too much over the years except for instant replay and some small changes. What you see now is pretty much what you saw in the 1920s except the players make a tad bit more. It’s one of the few things in America that stays consistent.

It’s a game of numbers and history…From Honus Wagner to Babe Ruth to Ted Williams to Jackie Robinson to Willie Mays to Hank Aaron to Sandy Koufax to Clayton Kershaw to Mike Trout… No sport’ has a history like baseball. Numbers and players are markers in that history.

I love to listen to broadcasts on the radio and to catch a game in mid-summer after I get done with what I am doing. In an instant, I’m back on the little league and then high school field.

The cold weather is almost gone and it is time for me to follow my Dodgers all the way to a World Series again…but this time…win.




Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

8 thoughts on “The Boys of Summer”

  1. I have never rooted for the Dodgers- except when they played the Yankees in the World Series in the 70’s and 80-s but two of my favorite players ever have been Dodger pitchers- Fernando and Clayton Kershaw. Hope Kershaw can get right physically- three years in a row now with trips to the DL is worrisome.

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    1. Yes I agree about Kershaw. I’m just worried because there is a lot of mileage on that arm. He is not old but he has pitched so many innings in his career….

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  2. Not a huge fan of Dodgers but I do like Clayton Kershaw a lot. Excellent pitcher, what a funky delivery! Always good to find other baseball fans in the “blogoverse” though– and hey, how about baseball’s contribution to pop culture. All those movies – “A League Of Their Own” (probably my fave of the category) as well as “Field of Dreams”, “Moneyball” “The Nautral” “Bull Durham” “Eight Men Out”… the list goes on and on!

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    1. You know what you are so right! I do need to incorporate baseball more. I was just doing this every so often and became addicted to it so I need new things to cover. The Dodgers…I get it honestly. I live in Nashville TN and always have but my Dad was a Brooklyn Dodger fan because his brothers were Yankee fans…he liked the underdog…I was ten in 77 and that is the year I started to follow them and baseball… The only baseball movie I’ve covered so far is The Bad News Bears so I totally agree with you. It’s great to see other baseball fans on here. I really like your blog.

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