Night Gallery – “Tell David” a look into the future

I was watching this Night Gallery episode (Tell David) from 1971 a few months ago and was surprised at some things they showed. It was about a woman who got lost in the rain and ended up at a stranger’s home. She went in to use the phone and the house was in the future…Actually in the future. There is a twist but that doesn’t matter.

A few things caught my attention. I started to research it and Me-TV had a page dedicated to it. Almost looks like Rod Serling knew something…or the set designers did…

One was a video phone…reminded me of Skype.


Her dialing a number

Image result for night gallery tell david

Techno Music


GPS or Google  Maps

Image result for night gallery tell david Gps


Non-Tar Cigarettes… Current Vape?

Image result for night gallery tell david phone



“Tell David…” is an odd episode. A woman loses her way, trying to find her house, and ends up getting help from some odd people. They have technology beyond that which she is used to. David, the young man (who has the same name as her little boy) is a master at repairing devices she’s never seen. When she returns to her husband, he is dressed as a monster and nags at her and chases her. It is obvious that this is the way he sees her. She is monumentally jealous. She comes to realize that she has an opportunity to change her history, to prevent herself from doing a deadly thing. As it goes along, it becomes nonsensical. It also gets caught in the problems with the mutation of time.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

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12 thoughts on “Night Gallery – “Tell David” a look into the future”

  1. That awesome. Rod Serling was an interesting fellow iirc. It does give a person pause for thought when an old movie/tv show predicts the future. I see “Brazil” as a movie like that.

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  2. I just vaguely remember Night Gallery. Same with Circle of Fear.

    I’ve got a stack of Twilight Zone magazines from the last two years they were in production.

    Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Tales From The Darkside, X-Files, remember Millennium? Love all that stuff.

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      1. One of the main writers on the NG show, Gerald Sanford, used to post a lot about the show on the old now sadly defunct IMDB messageboards, and he said he knew a man who invented an early version of what we now call a GPS, and incorporated that into the storyline. So that explains the map thing. Nice eerie episode, even though I didn’t like the ending of it.

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      2. I miss the old IMDB message boards. That was the main reason I went there.
        Thanks for that info I didn’t know…yea the ending wasn’t good.


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