Where The Wild Things Are

I loved this book as a kid. When I see it I feel like I’m 7 again. The book came out in 1963. I did know some kids that the book really scared but I thought it was great.

An animated film was made in 1975 and a feature-length movie in 2009.

Where The Wild Things Are was written by Maurice Sendak about a boy named Max who “makes mischief” in his house and is sent to bed without supper all while wearing a wolf suit. His room is then transformed into a magic forest and Max sets off in his very own boat to the land of the Wild Things.

Once there he tames the monsters by staring into their yellow eyes without blinking. Knowing they have met their master, they acclaim Max King of all Wild Things and celebrate their wildness together. When Max decides to return to where someone loves him best of all, the wild things try all their wiles to persuade him to stay, but he sails back into the warmth of his own room and finds supper waiting.

When the book came out some were not happy. Many psychologists thought that the book would be very traumatizing for young children. Sendak has said that the book was banned by libraries for a couple of years and then it started to be accepted and take off.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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22 thoughts on “Where The Wild Things Are”

  1. This has to be one of the most beloved childhood books ever. When I see the cover I’m transported back. I confess, I’ve long forgotten the actual story, but the author’s illustrations are captivating and unforgettable.

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    1. You know I’ve been asked that! It was a name that wasn’t used much were I lived…if Max got into trouble at school everyone knew who it was… I probably liked seeing my name in print lol.

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  2. I remember this one. It was one of several books my mother read to me. I had forgotten his name was Max. I couldn’t forget the illustrations. The book never scared me. I thought the animals looked amusing & thoughtful.

    I also remember Goodnight Moon & the story of Riki Tiki Tavi. Plus, I had this set of tall, thin storybooks with Disney and/or Brothers Grimm fairytales. I’d love to have that stuff back.

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    1. Oh Riki Tiki Tavi I loved. Dr Suess was big to me also… To this day if I watch or read Dr Seuss every conversation afterward with someone…I expect everything to ryhme.


      1. Oh, yeah. Dr. Seuss, too! 😄 I always wanted to try green eggs & ham. And, even at a young age, I learned a lot about ego & futility with his Sneeches. I wanted to slap The Cat in the Hat and always felt sorry for the Grinch’s little dog.

        Heh. The things we carry from childhood.

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      2. His little dog “Max” again lol.
        One of my friends had a brother who was a real Chef… He made green eggs and ham for his girlfriend one morning.
        Yes I loved the Sneetches

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      3. I’m a true blue Max… not Maxwell or do it to the Max…. I’m asked that a lot… it was my Dads middle name but he was known by it more than his first.

        Well it’s not a name you type everyday…


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