Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Again

This song was a B side of “Don’t Stop” with both songs coming on the great album Rumors. This is a nice short acoustic Lindsey Buckingham written song. It’s a very understated but powerful song compared with the other ones on the album and one of my favorites.

Lindsey is a great guitar player. He is not flashy but he plays just what is needed like the sustained solo in “Go Your Own Way.” This song is what made me start listening to his playing.

from Rolling Stone Magazine: In the studio, co-producer Ken Caillat asked Buckingham to restring his guitar every 20 minutes. “I wanted to get the best sound on every one of his picking parts,” Caillat said. “I’m sure the roadies wanted to kill me. Restringing the guitar three times every hour was a bitch. But Lindsey had lots of parts on the song, and each one sounded magnificent.”

From Songfacts

According to Q magazine, June 2009 the inspiration for this Lindsey Buckingham penned song was a brief relationship with a woman whom he’d met on the road. Buckingham had only recently broken up with his Fleetwood Mac co-singer Stevie Nicks.

Most of the Rumours album was recorded at The Record Plant in Sausalito, California, but this song was recorded at Studio City Sound Recording Studios in Los Angeles. According to recording assistant Cris Morris, this song took a while to record. Said Morris: “It was Lindsey’s pet project, just two guitar tracks but he did it over and over again. In the end his vocal didn’t quite match the guitar tracks so we had to slow them down a little.”

Never Going Back Again

She broke down and let me in
Made me see where I’ve been

Been down one time
Been down two times
I’m never going back again

You don’t know what it means to win
Come down and see me again

Been down one time
Been down two times
I’m never going back again

Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

7 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac – Never Going Back Again”

  1. One of the great songs we heard only because DJs were allowed to play what they wanted from an album back then. Thank goodness for that. I didn’t know this song was Lindsey’s special project on the album. But he clearly loves playing the song still today.

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    1. You told me something I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have guessed this got any radio play at all. I’m glad I did..

      This is the one that made me really appreciate Lindsey. I like Second Hand News also but this one means more to me.

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      1. Maybe I was just very lucky to grow up in a university town. Our FM radio station played a lot of album tracks, and played entire albums at certain parts of the day or night.

        I also like Secondhand News.

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      1. Yes I agree. If the album would have been in the 80s…everything probably would have been released as a single.


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