So you need to choose between baseball and football

I found this article by Grant Brisbee about Kyler Murray who is going to choose between baseball and football. It’s a great article that relates to any athlete choosing between the two sports. He writes in the article if you want fame quickly choose football… if you want a long career and more money in the long run…pick baseball…but it’s not that easy on either.

He touches on quality of life also a little in this…For me, this is the key thing to think about. In years after retirement being able to…think and function would be a nice benefit.

Jeff Samardzija is a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

Right now, Jeff Samardzija is somewhere either smoking a cigarette or rehabbing his shoulder, unless he’s doing both at the same time because he’s an absolute legend. But his brain is still good. In 10 years, his brain will probably still be good, and he’ll have made more money over his career than Joe Thomas, who was one of the best offensive linemen in NFL history.

It’s a good article.


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6 thoughts on “So you need to choose between baseball and football”

  1. I know he was a 1st round pick for the A’s but in baseball of course being a first round pick doesn’t mean you will ever make it. I don’t know how good he is in baseball. I do know he is a very short listened at 5’10” but more likely 5’8″ or so and very very short for an NFL QB. I was startled when I saw him pictured with the QB’s from Alabama and Ohio State- they towered over him. I think in the NFL he’d be a QB who maybe at first would have success because of his running ability and then they’d figure him out and that would be it… If I were him I’d go baseball- you can make more money and not take the physical beating you take in the NFL. Plus in the NFL he won’t be facing the Big 12 where they play zero defense.


    1. I’m with you on this. I saw him play on television a few times and I couldn’t believe he was that short…in the NFL he would have to look and pass over those huge lines. I thought the author of the article had the overall picture of an athlete picking between the two pretty much on. There are always different circumstances but for instant playing time the NFL is the way to go but if you are good enough…baseball would be best for the long run…physically and financially.

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      1. I think if he were say 6 foot or over- it would be a tougher decision… i have a feeling that knowing he can’t start right off in MLB is going to lead to his choosing the NFL… and in 4-5 years he will try to turn back to baseball when he washes out of the NFL. Pick baseball- for the long run. You don’t even have to end up a star to made a lot of money.

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      2. Yea you don’t have to be a star…just make it to the show with some staying power. If you are a high profile pick you will get the chance.
        When they try to come back to baseball it’s hard to play catch up. I guess that is true on both sports.

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  2. I don’t know much about football really so I can’t guesstimate how good he would be if he goes NFL. He seems to have a lot of talent baseball-wise, and I would think baseball generally would be the way to go if it was an even playing field (ie if he has roughly same talent level in both sports.) Baseball careers tend to be longer, salaries higher (with caveat that they have to play a WHOLE lot more games) and as others have said, less chance of life-altering head injuries down the road. Russell Wilson seemed to have same dilemma and went football, although he’s shown up at times at Texas and (I beleive) Yankees spring training camps- but he never seemed to be a “sure thing” baseball prospect

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    1. Baseball is the longer road and I think that turns some away but in the long run…it would make the better career if they have the talent…I agree.

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