Pink Panther

In the 1963 feature film The Pink Panther starring Peter Sellers, the Animated Credits opening featured our first look at the Pink Panther.

The cartoon series was made by DePatie-Freleng studios…the first short, “The Pink Phink,” won the 1964 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Subject…the first time an animation studio had won one with its very first cartoon.

What adds to the Pink Panther is Henry Mancini‘s popular theme music. The cartoon would not be the same without it. I bought the set years ago and showed them to my 6-year-old son at the time. He liked it as much as I did.

I watched it as a kid and it is probably the reason I ended up liking silent movies so much. Each show’s story has no dialog and is centered around the Pink Panther and “the little man” along with Mancini’s music.

There were 124 Pink Panther shorts were released between 1964 and 1978…there were some tv specials after the original series ended.

They tried having him talk in two episodes. It didn’t work and ruined the effect.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

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15 thoughts on “Pink Panther”

      1. I am reading a book that talks about how the old recording studios are being torn down or turned into something else… Modern recordings are relying on “modeling” digital effects but they just don’t have that sound anymore…it came from the room that you cannot just reproduce….so yea I agree

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      2. Believe it or not it’s a book by Kenney Jones of the Small Faces. He has a spot in the book where he talks about the old studios and goes on about the sound vibrations of the old studios… Oh also Glyn Johns book…I read that about a year ago…same thing about those old British studios that are now cinemas.


  1. I don’ t completely understand it but it is obvious different studios created different effects.Some of that may be sound engineers assigned them, but actual structure must play a role too

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    1. I’m with you on this…regular cartoons are wonderful…They have a timeless quality…some things you can’t improve.


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