70s Saturday Mornings – The Secrets of Isis!

Opening Narration

“O my Queen,” said the Royal Sorcerer to Hatshepsut, “with this amulet, you and your descendants are endowed by the Goddess Isis with the powers of the animals and the elements. You will soar as the falcon soars, run with the speed of gazelles, and command the elements of sky and earth.”

3000 years later, a young science teacher dug up this lost treasure, and found she was heir to — The Secrets of Isis!

JoAnna Cameron played the beautiful Andrea Thomas/ Isis. It was hard for an eight-year-old not to like her. Whenever the character Andrea Thomas was in trouble or needed to help someone she would wear the amulet and look up and say “Oh Mighty Isis” and out came the white outfit and Isis.

Like Shazam! it was a low budget show aimed at kids teaching life lessons. Isis was part Wonder Woman and part Bionic Woman. My favorite episodes were the ones that had Captain Marvel and Isis teamed up with each other.

The show aired in 1976-77 and had a total of 22 episodes. It was also part of the Shazam!/Isis Power Hour.

Some seventies Saturday Morning commercials

Author: Badfinger (Max)

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3 thoughts on “70s Saturday Mornings – The Secrets of Isis!”

  1. Unfortunately Isis would become the name of a terrorist group. It’s been a long time since I seen this show. As a kid I always wanted more episodes. The actress never did anything much after this show. Her last appearance on TV was in a 1980 TV movie.

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