Sextette 1978

This movie is bad…I mean turn your head away bad. I’m not sure if it passes for so bad it’s good… Once you see this movie… you want to un-see it. I cannot believe the powers to be thought it would be a good idea to portray an 85-year-old Mae West as the sex symbol Marlo Manners. I’m not knocking Mae West because she made some good films in her career…this was not one of them. I’m in no way knocking Mae West…but this movie should not have been filmed.

Mae looked fine for being 85…but acting like she was in her twenties or thirties… was not a good idea. It was like someone doing a bad Mae West impersonation. Playing her soon to be husband in the movie was the pre-Bond Timothy Dalton.

To pour on some more badness…it was a musical! I won’t go there but you can imagine.

The movie did have star power. I will give it that. The cast included

Timothy Dalton, Alice Cooper, Tony Curtis, Dom Deluise, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, George Hamilton, Rona Barrett, and Regis Philbin.

For me, the only bright spot is two small appearances by Keith Moon who plays a dress designer. He is refreshing and goes wonderfully over the top in his small scenes. He could have been a decent character actor.

I would hate to see the movies that were passed over for this one to be made. I usually like bad 70s movies but you just feel embarrassed for Mae West in this one.

If you want to see a good Mae West film watch “My Little Chickadee.”

I found this line from a review… “Bad comedies are painful, bad musicals are worse, and combining the two, then adding in liberal sexual innuendo involving a woman who is eighty-four or eighty-five years old is agony. “

Keith Moon in Sextette




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10 thoughts on “Sextette 1978”

      1. True. She had perfect timing and her ability to deliver a line with multiple meanings, all of them crystal clear, was stellar. That said, I’ve never been a big fan. But that’s just a personal thing–her talent was undeniable and she deserved better. No doubt.

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      2. I had this waiting for 3-4 months but I didn’t want people to think I was ripping her.
        When Keith Moon is the bright side of your movie…in just minutes of screen time…it’s bad… He was energetic and fun…of course.

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      3. Borderline Personality Disorder… He also had the ability not to be embarassed. That trait was with him since childhood. That holds people back from doing things…luckily he was generally a good guy. Great to fans but would do anything at anytime.

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      4. Interesting. There is a saying among Mexicans, it is translated “…without embarrassment.” It is a loathsome thing to say about someone within that culture–especially the older, more established Mexican culture.
        How sad to go through life with virtually no brakes.

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      5. The book “Dear Boy” is great and it is around 600 pages long on Moon. You really feel for the guy but also for the people around him at times. All of them say the same story…Yes the stories are funny NOW…they were not as funny at the time.
        The no brakes was a perfect description.

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