Peter and Gordon – I Go to Pieces

This song was written by Del Shannon…Peter and Gordon (Peter Asher and Gordon Waller) took it to #9 in the Billboard 100 and #21 in Canada. This was a nice British Invasion song by the duo. Peter Asher is the brother of Jane Asher and became a very successful producer. See the bottom of the post for his producer credits.

You can also see a little “Austin Powers” in Peter Asher.

I Go To Pieces

When I see her comin’ down the street 
I get so shaky and I feel so weak
I tell my eyes look the other way
But they don’t seem to hear a word I say
And I, go to pieces and I want to hide
Go to pieces and I almost die
Every time my baby passes by
I tell my arms they’ll hold someone new
Another love that will be true
But they don’t listen, they don’t seem to care
They reach for her but she’s not there
And I, go to pieces and I want to hide
Go to pieces and I almost die
Every time my baby passes by
I remember what she said when she said
“Goodbye baby. We’ll meet again soon maybe.”
“But until we do, all my best to you.”
I’m so lonely, I think about her only
I go to places we used to go
But I know she’ll never show
She hurt me so much inside
Now I hope she’s satisfied
And I, go to pieces and I want to hide
Go to pieces and I almost die
Every time my baby passes by
Go to pieces and I cry
Every time my baby passes by
Go to pieces and I cry

From Wikipedia

Peter Asher Producer’s Credits

Year Album Artist
1968 James Taylor James Taylor
1969 Barbara Keith Barbara Keith
1970 Jo Mama Jo Mama
1970 Sweet Baby James James Taylor
1971 Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon James Taylor
1971 Sister Kate Kate Taylor
1971 Tony Joe White Tony Joe White
1971 Bad Girl Songs Tony Kosinec
1972 One Man Dog James Taylor
1973 Don’t Cry Now Linda Ronstadt
1974 Heart Like a Wheel Linda Ronstadt
1975 Prisoner in Disguise Linda Ronstadt
1975 Black Rose J.D. Souther
1976 Hasten Down the Wind Linda Ronstadt
1976 Love Songs David Sanborn
1976 What’s Wrong with This Picture? Andrew Gold
1977 JT James Taylor
1977 Simple Dreams Linda Ronstadt
1978 Living in the USA Linda Ronstadt
1979 Flag James Taylor
1979 The Glow Bonnie Raitt
1980 Mad Love Linda Ronstadt
1981 Dad Loves His Work James Taylor
1982 Get Closer Linda Ronstadt
1983 Reelin’ in the Years, Vol. 1 various artists
1983 What’s New Linda Ronstadt
1984 Lush Life Linda Ronstadt
1984 Moonlighting (Original TV soundtrack)
1985 That’s Why I’m Here James Taylor
1986 An American Tail (Original soundtrack)
1986 For Sentimental Reasons Linda Ronstadt
1987 Canciones De Mi Padre Linda Ronstadt
1987 Cher Cher
1987 In My Tribe 10,000 Maniacs
1987 Storytellers: Singers and Songwriters various artists
1988 The Land Before Time (Original soundtrack)
1989 Blind Man’s Zoo 10,000 Maniacs
1989 Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind Linda Ronstadt
1989 Heart of Stone Cher
1989 You Happy Puppet 10,000 Maniacs
1990 Mermaids (Original soundtrack)
1991 Force Behind the Power Diana Ross
1991 Live in Rio James Taylor
1991 Love Hurts Cher
1991 Lovescape Neil Diamond
1991 Mambo Kings (Original soundtrack)
1991 Swept Julia Fordham
1991 Williams Brothers The Williams Brothers
1992 American Standard Mary’s Danish
1992 Back to Basics Olivia Newton-John
1992 Christmas Album Neil Diamond
1992 Olivia Olivia Newton-John
1992 Time Takes Time Ringo Starr
1993 Made in America (Original soundtrack)
1993 Robin Zander Robin Zander
1993 Up on the Roof: Songs from the Brill Building Neil Diamond
1994 Christmas Album, Vol. 2 Neil Diamond
1994 Randy Newman’s Faust: Words and Music various artists
1995 Don’t Ask Tina Arena
1995 EP Collection Peter and Gordon
1995 Faust Randy Newman
1996 It Takes Two various artists
1996 One Fine Day (Original soundtrack)
1996 Show Me Heaven Tina Arena
1997 Most Beautiful Soul Album on Earth various artists
1997 Superstar Christmas various artists
1997 Under These Rocks and Stones Chantal Kreviazuk
1998 Armageddon (Original soundtrack)
1998 As I Came of Age Sarah Brightman
1998 December Kenny Loggins
1998 Motown 40 Forever various artists
1999 All Time Greatest Movie Songs various artists
1999 Best Party Megamix in the World Ever various artists
1999 Collection Julia Fordham
1999 Runaway Bride (Original soundtrack)
1999 When the Going Gets Tough Boyzone
2000 Gift of Love Diana Ross
2000 More Songs from Pooh Corner Kenny Loggins
2000 Tigger Movie: Songs and Story various artists
2001 Everything I Am Anna Vissi
2001 Motown Anthology Diana Ross
2001 Three Chord Opera Neil Diamond
2001 Ultimate Peter and Gordon Peter and Gordon
2002 Capitol Records 1942–2002 various artists
2002 Everybody’s Got a Story Amanda Marshall
2002 Freedom: A History of Us (Original soundtrack)
2002 Live 2002 Robin Williams
2002 Providence (Original TV soundtrack)
2002 Sweet Is the Melody Aselin Debison
2003 Best of the Definitive American Songbook, Vol. 2: I-Z various artists
2003 Cafeteria: Hear various artists
2003 Earth Rider – The Essential John Stewart 1964–1979 John Stewart
2003 Singers and Songwriters Christmas Songs various artists
2004 California Wilson Phillips
2004 Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure and Unknown Recordings 10,000 Maniacs
2004 De-Lovely (Original soundtrack)
2004 Intermission Amanda Marshall
2004 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Original soundtrack)
2004 Taking a Chance on Love Jane Monheit
2005 Live at Earls Court Morrissey
2005 Goodies, Vol. 1 various artists
2005 Souvenirs Tina Arena
2006 You’re Only Lonely Raul Malo
2007 Siren Sasha and Shawna
2006 I Love You Diana Ross
2010 Live at the Troubadour Carole King and James Taylor
2011 Buddy Holly: Listen to Me; The Ultimate Buddy Party Various Artists – Producer and Host
2013 Love Has Come for You Steve Martin and Edie Brickell
2013 When Will You Come Home (EP) The Webb Sisters

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2 thoughts on “Peter and Gordon – I Go to Pieces”

  1. Check out Peter Asher’s show on The Beatles Channel sometime- it’s pretty good. They play the same episode 3-4 times a week. He has also been touring first last year with Alvin Lee- more recently with someone else— forget who.

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