Trilogy of Terror 1975

This TV movie scared a lot of kids in the 1970’s…including me… It is an anthology horror movie but the last story is the one that is remembered. For years I tried to find this movie and when I finally did I wasn’t disappointed. I knew going in that there was no CGI and it was a TV movie so I wasn’t disappointed seeing it at an older age. I assume this movie help inspire the Chucky movies of the late 1980’s. The story was written by  Richard Matheson.

Karen Black plays Amelia who lives in an apartment. She comes home with this voodoo warrior  looking doll. The doll is said to hold a killing spirit inside and there is a gold chain around it to supposedly hold the spirit in.

Amelia calls her mom and is fighting with her and finally lets her go…she notices that the chain is off of the warrior doll. Amelia goes to cook dinner and comes back and the doll is gone.

This is when all the fun begins. After this the doll starts chasing her around and she chases the doll. After a lot of cuts, biting, bruises, stabbing and fire we get a surprise ending. Amelia’s mom is coming over but to what?

With special effects being what they were in the 1970’s…they did a really good job. They show just enough of the doll to look real. They know their limitations and work within that.

Anyone who enjoys the Chucky movies should enjoy this but it will not have the effects those movies have in them.

Author: Badfinger (Max)

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13 thoughts on “Trilogy of Terror 1975”

    1. That was awesome… I can tell you I was only 8 and it scared me to death…for being done such a long time ago before CGI…it looked pretty good. I agree with you…the other two are forgettable. Thanks for the comment

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  1. OMG I was just thinking about this film over the past weekend. It scared the crap out of me! LOL — it’s not an often ‘discussed’ film, so I was surprised to find your blog about it. Great job! I’m ‘creeped’ out all over again LOL

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    1. It really got to me as a kid… I would look around things to make sure that little thing wouldn’t come out! It creeped my son out when he was younger also.

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  2. I just watched this the other day on Amazon Prime – we had friends over and one of them was commenting on how creepy this porcelin doll my wife has is, and we immediately starting talking about this movie and I had to watch it again. Like others it freaked me out as a kid, and I have to say it was still enjoyable all these years later. This last story was head and shoulders above the first two – there was nothing terrifying about them at all. Should have been called – Terror – One hit and two misses.

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    1. Yea…I didn’t like the first two at all but yea…they did that doll well for the limited special effects they had. The little guy looked real! lol. They were smart not to show too much.
      It freaked me out as a kid man…I remember the night I watched it .

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