The Twilight Zone

The way Rod Serling handled social injustice and racial bigotry all with a science fiction twist was compelling. He had to do it that back then because of sponsors. Picking a favorite episode (Walking Distance is hard to beat) is almost impossible. Black Mirror covers some of the same territory but nothing beats the intelligence of Twilight Zone.

Hands down my favorite show of all time. I never get tired of it. 5 seasons of quality 30  minute stories. Season 4 has hour long episodes. Just a few of them are a little forced but even the weakest are very watchable. Rod Serling was a great TV writer and he picked some great writers like Richard Matheson to contribute to the show. The show doesn’t age and the black and white only adds to it.

I would really look forward to labor day because one channel would always play Twilight Zones for 24 hours. I then just went out and bought the complete collection on DVDtwi.jpg.

The Twilight Zone has been revived a few times. In the 80’s and 2000’s but they didn’t come close to the original. A movie was made in 1983 called Twilight Zone: The Movie  but it came with a tragic a cost. Vic Morrow and two child actors died needlessly in a scene with a helicopter.

The movie was alright…I liked the Vic Morrow story but my favorite part was the intro with Dan Aykroyd “You want to see something really scary”and Albert Brooks. Again not even scratching the surface of the original series.

You could always depend on a twist in the smart scripts. I’ve seen all of them probably 5 – 10 times each. The one that is the most haunting to me is “Come Wander With Me”… It’s not the most famous one but I loved it…if you haven’t seen it check it out. A lot of future stars were on the show from Robert Redford to Jack Klugman.

Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks





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5 thoughts on “The Twilight Zone”

  1. In the past month- six weeks I have rewatched seasons 1, 2 and 3. Even though I have seen them all before, some of them many times so many of the episodes seem fresh and exciting still. One of my favorite shows ever.

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    1. I have watched it off and on since youth and now that I have all of them I will go back to them like an old friend. I don’t get tired of them…I just watched Walking Distance yet again. I watched a little of the Night Gallery last night…it is good by not the same.

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  2. The original series included a number of hour-long episodes that aired during its final season. The best IMO are “On Thursday We Leave For Home” and “In His Image.” Serling would use the series to deal with topics like prejudice that weren’t often seen on TV at the time. Many future stars including Charles Bronson and Robert Redford made appearances in episodes. Like many in his generation Serling was a heavy smoker and died at age 50 in 1975. At that time he was lending his well known voice to documentaries about UFOs and the unexplained.

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