Krokus – Midnite Maniac

Break out the spandex and striped pants because we are diving into the 1980s. It’s odd how some locations have songs that are played over and over and in other states or cities…hardly played at all. This was played in Nashville at the time like it was a top-ten hit so its chart placement surprised me…much lower than I thought it would be.

Growing up, I would go to my dad’s place in Nashville and hang out with my cousin Mark. He liked harder music and I learned a lot about the harder and heavy metal bands through him like Krokus. He loved this band and went to see them often, usually opening up for a bigger band. This song was played a lot here on our largest rock station and I went out and bought the single.

A funny story about Mark…he works as a cabinet maker and around 10 years ago or so he ended up working with the actual drummer (Jeff Klaven) of Krokus. He was the drummer they had at their peak and during this time. He had been out of the band for a long time but he would get Mark into concerts and take him backstage. Mark met the Scorpions on their tour bus through him. Krokus has released 18 studio albums so they have not been idle.

This song was released in 1984 along with another song off the album…a cover of The Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz. Midnite Maniac peaked at #71 on the Billboard Charts. The riff in this song is a winner. That is what attracted me to it because it keeps climbing and climbing and is incredibly catchy. The album peaked at #36 on the Billboard Album Charts and #83 in Canada.

Krokus was formed in 1974 in Switzerland and they started out as a progressive rock band but after seeing ACDC in the late seventies, they switched to more hard rock. Their breakthrough album was Headhunter released in 1983 which peaked at #25 on the Billboard Album Charts, #31 in Canada, and #35 in New Zealand.


Their name Krokus is German for crocus,  a flower common throughout Europe.

One note about this album. Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance co-wrote “Boys Night Out” for The Blitz album (with lead singer Marc Storace and guitarist Fernando von Arb).

Midnite Maniac

Did you read it in the paper‘Bout the danger comin’ your wayShe’ll tear you up at midnightKiller on the loose get out of her way

Sex machine terrorizing’ dreamLock the door tonightShe’s got it all she can walk through a wallBetter run for your life

And in the light of dayIn hidin’ she will stayWatch out at midnightFeel her shadow on your face

Midnight maniac she’s a killer at largeMidnight maniac lock your doorA) Cause she can’t be farB) She knows where you are

Did you hear it on the radioCrimes of passion makin’ the newsIt happened after midnightIn your neighborhood could’ve been you


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

21 thoughts on “Krokus – Midnite Maniac”

  1. Krokus! Caught em on The Blitz tour opening for Sammy Hagar on his V.O.A Tour. Midnite Maniac was a great track. Blitz was recorded in Vancouver with Bruce Fairbairn, Bob Rock and Mike Fraser. A few years back it was fun jogging Frasers memory about this album as it was one of the first albums I owned that I heard the name of those guys involved with the production.
    Cool story about your pal and Klaven.

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    1. I never got to see them live but I heard all of their albums through Mark. This was a huge song in Nashville… and their version of Ballroom Blitz also.
      Thanks for reading dude

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  2. I grew up near Solothurn and knew Chris von Rohr and Tommy Kiefer well in my youth. Musically I found the the group in the beginning interesting, but then they became too commercial for me.

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  3. I’m well familiar with the name Krokus but don’t know their music. “Midnite Maniac” has a great riff, a good melody and decent vocals – the kind of hard rock I generally enjoy. Their cover of “Ballroom Blitz”, which I’m currently listening to, isn’t bad either.

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    1. Yea I was going to say that cover is a quality cover. Here they were played so much… like I said I bought the single but it didn’t chart really high

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  4. Oh, the 80s hair bands… I never got into Krokus, leaning more into Quiet Riot.

    I vaguely remember hearing this song. I also remember a buddy of mine, Sheree, wearing a Krokus t-shirt that had a severed hand on it and “Eat the Rich” at the top.

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    1. I liked Eat The Rich as well. Yea hanging with Mark got me into them and this song was played big time in Nashvillle…I mean all of the time…hell I thought I was at least a top 20 hit.

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