Billy Squier – Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You

This Christmas song doesn’t get played a bunch here. I’ve always liked it since it was released. It was written by Billy Squier and was the B side to the single “My Kinda Lover.”

In 1981 MTV made its debut and Billy Squier’s career was going strong with the 1981 release of the Don’t Say No album. MTV at the beginning had a more family atmosphere. The crowd in this sing-a-long included technicians, secretaries, executives, the production assistants.

MTV helped countless careers. It made some careers larger than they would have been and some had careers because of MTV. It changed everything for a while.

Billy had a great career going on until the Rock Me Tonite video with the pink tank top…then it all fell apart in 1984. Google Billy Squier + Pink Tanktop. 

The video was filmed at the Teletronics MTV studio.

 VJ Nina Blackwood: “It was taped at our original Teletronics Studio on West 33rd Street and featured our original studio crew, who we all loved and were very close to, along with all the people from the MTV offices,” “Everybody traipsed down to the studio from 44th Street & 6th Ave for the taping. Billy Squier’s career was on fire at this time, and since he lived in NYC, he was a frequent guest at the studio, so it was appropriate that he was chosen for the video.”

“Pretty much what you see on camera is an accurate representation of the celebratory and fun feeling that was happening,” Blackwood said. “It was like one big happy family, which sums up the entire vibe of the early days of MTV. One of a kind experience. When I watch all of these early MTV Christmas videos, the overwhelming sensation I come away with is that of joyous love.”

Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You

Christmas is the time to say “I love you”
Share the joys of laughter and good cheer
Christmas is the time to say “I love you”
And a feeling that will last all through the year

On the corner carolers are singing
There’s a touch of magic in the air
From grownup to minor no one could be finer
Times are hard but no one seems to care
Christmas Eve and all the world is watching
Santa guides his reindeer through the dark
From rooftop to chimney, from Harlem to Bimini
They will find a way into your heart

Christmas is the time to say “I love you”
Share the joys of laughter and good cheer
Christmas is the time to say “I love you”
And a feeling that will last all through the year

Just outside the window snow is falling
But here beside the fire we share the glow
Of moonlight and brandy, sweet talk and candy
Sentiments that everyone should know
Memories of the year that lays behind us
Wishes for the year that’s yet to come
And it stands to reason that good friends in season
Make you feel that life has just begun

Christmas is the time to say “I love you”
Share the joys of laughter and good cheer
Christmas is the time to say “I love you”
And a feeling that will last all through the year

So when spirits grow lighter
And hopes are shinin’ brighter
Then you know that Christmas time is here


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

19 thoughts on “Billy Squier – Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You”

    1. I know…I look back on it now…and I’m thinking what? He does have really good vocals and his guitar playing is really good. Boston asked him to join them earlier.

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  1. not a bad Christmas ditty, though falling short of ‘classic’ status to me. Squier was indeed a talent and his first two albums still sound pretty good from what I can tell. I didn’t remember that pink shirt video, but I do know my sweetie liked his stuff but says she was made fun of at school because the kids thought Billy Squier was ‘so gay’ (seemingly oblivious to the tendencies of Freddie Mercury and the Judas Priest guy they adored so much!) . But, for a counterpoint –

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    1. I do think it should be played more…it’s a rocking song.
      Yea it was so dumb…yea he was dropping at that point anyway…but it made for a good story in the press. He leaned too much toward corporate rock later on…he lost the rawness he had.

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      1. yep… you know, he fit in well with Journey on the radio in ’82-83 and they were huge, but by ’86 or so they were almost an afterthought when it came to that (though they remained huge as a touring act). Musical tastes change and few benefit from recycling their old sounds, especially when as you say it becomes more corporate.

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      2. I’m glad I saw him…the song that hooked me was The Stroke and the Zep rip off…Lonely Is The Night…and I mean that in a good way


  2. Well it’s a nice enough if unmemorable number, but everyone is having fun, there’s obviously a lot of Christmas camaraderie being shared, and that is a no bad thing.
    And in your comment to Dana- they play Rock- in Nashville??? That blows away my spurs and stetson, pardner.

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    1. I know it’s shocking… in the 80s you couldn’t find a club with rock bands but now… they are everywhere. Of course I don’t go to them anymore.
      We did have great rock stations though!

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