Jerry Lee Lewis 1935-2022

Jerry Lee Lewis passed away today. He is one of… if not the last of the great 1950s artists that was still around. He was not an angel in life (who is?) but what a performer! The man was pure rock and roll and was hated by parents everywhere…and that is a rock and roll seal of approval. When I see those fifties clips of him live they are incredible. His blonde hair would unravel by the middle of the song and would be pounding the piano till the end.

I always thought that Jerry Lee and Little Richard were the two raunchiest 50s performers live…and I mean that in the best way. He went through controversies like we go through socks. He was successful in Rock and Roll and later in Country Music.

He was never short on confidence…he talks about moving to Memphis: “I was reading a lot of magazines about Sam Phillips and Sun Records … so I told my dad, this is the man we need to go see. And we did. We drove down from Ferriday into Memphis and pulled up in front of Sun Records. I came in and auditioned for Jack Clement, who said I could never make it playing the piano. He said rock ’n’ roll was out, cause Elvis had it all tied up. He said I could forget that. Well, I said, ‘I don’t think so.’ I said, ‘I’m a hit.’ He said, ‘They all say that, son.’ I said, ‘I’m not all. I’m different.’”

It’s a sad day for rock and roll.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

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33 thoughts on “Jerry Lee Lewis 1935-2022”

  1. I got a “push notification” on my phone this afternoon while I was still working – very sad! I’m pretty sure Jerry Lee Lewis was the last man standing of the old classic rock & roll guard.

    I guess his death must have been coming. Yesterday or the day before yesterday, I read something about a news account that had reported his death, even though he was still alive! They had to pull the story – how embarrassing!

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    1. Yea I agree…it’s amazing he made it. What a life the guy lived…and to think he was the last guy really…from that generation of big big stars.

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  2. I had no idea he was still around. I was listening to a rockabilly playlist I think yesterday and Drinking Wine Spo-dee O-dee was on it. That’s my favorite song thathe did. I am going to listen to it again in his honor as a tribute to him

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    1. I was just listening to his “Last Man Standing” album this week. HIm and Jimmy Page did a great version of Rock and Roll.


  3. Still remember watching the movie about his life with Quaid portraying him as I didn’t even know Jerry’s back story except of course a few of his tunes. I remember leaving the theatre with my girlfriend at the time saying ‘this dude and his cousin, really? ” lol

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  4. Big fan of his music, but not of the man himself. He built a vast musical legacy so, in that respect, he won’t be missed because he put it all on the table for us to imbibe.

    When he wanted to be, and when he was sobor enough, he put on one hell of a show. He really was a musical prodigy that literally learned the tricks of the trades sitting in the laps (when he was a small child) of the great Black roadhouse pianists; he would slip through the back door of a juke joint near his home in Louisiana and soak it up…I hope he finally made peace with God.

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    1. You know what Pam…I thought of you yesterday because of that article you wrote and I meant to link it. He was aggressive in those early clips and a fantastic showman….when he wanted to be.

      I read an interview by him when Elvis died…it was really cold blooded…one quote was “one more out of the way”

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      1. Yeah…he was an asshole in so many ways…a truly vicious, evil man–he had a fist fight with Janis Joplin–but he was a musical genius and he was good to some of the Black artist who he learned from back in a time where that was unusual, to say the least. And there were those like Kris Kristofferson who counted him their friend. I don’t like to speak ill of the dead. I know he feared God, greatly. Kristofferson said, he literally watched him will himself to live after a ruptured stomach nearly killed him. Kristofferson said he was ghostly pale, not from the sepsis he had, but from the sheer terror of meeting his maker. I hope he was genuinely remorseful and found redemption because I don’t with what he feared on anyone.

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      2. I didn’t know about the Joplin fight…she was tough.
        I hope so also…I hope he came to peace about everything because he could have been much greater if he wouldn’t have acted the fool.

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    1. I was just listening to him lately because of his collaboration with Jimmy Page doing Rock and Roll…he made that song a 1950s Jerry Lee Lewis song.


  5. I usually dont bite when someone passes.
    I cut Lewis a lot of slack. Like a family member or close friend who has gone off the rails. I’ve dealt with a few in my life. Head full of religion. belly full of booze, personal demons, truck full of talent, … Jerry Lee. One of my all time favorite musicians . Couple comments above didnt pull any punches. Neither did Lewis. I think Kristofferson (mentioned above) wrote a song about a “walking contradiction”. I seen him in concert a few times. Great nights of rock n roll.
    Apologies if I sent this before.

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    1. Yea I’m always hesitant to post these and only do if I’m a huge fan like the case of Lewis and Lynn. Thanks for reading man.

      Like I said in the post… he wasn’t an angel but who is? Cool song CB!

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      1. Thanks CB becasue I don’t want to be disrespectful to anyone. Oh…I took your advice and I love the Hamburg Star Club album of his. One of the best live rock albums ever.
        Lorretta Lynn meant a lot to me because of when I got to eat breakfast with her when I was 8…very cool southern lady through and through.


      2. You’re far from disrespectful Max. Yeah Jerry Lee was possessed by the music. I wish I could remember if it was a radio clip or an article, of Little Richard and Lewis on a talk show back in the 50’s where they both went off on a tangent like only they could do. I’ll see if I can find it. Joe Ely (another fave) seen Jerry lee singing at a country fair from a flat deck when he was a kid. Huge impact on him.
        I watched an ‘American Masters” on Loretta. It was very good. Pretty hard not to like and admire her.

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  6. Can’t help but ‘like’ him, though you know you probably shouldn’t really. Being a big Rock n Roll fan, I have to give credit to his absolute iconic playing and what he did for the Music. Legend!

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