Prisoners – Far Away

When the organ leads off…I would have sworn this song is from 1967 but no…it’s from 1983. They were part of the Mod revival in the 80s minus the mopeds and parkas of the early sixties.

It’s a song that I listened to once and thought…that song is ok…then I wanted to hear it again an hour later…after that, I listened to it all day at work. I like the small hooks placed strategically in the song.

All the instruments are on the mark and the singer has a voice that bends but never breaks. As I wrote this post…I’ve listened to it around 4 or 5 times…it’s almost like potato chips…you can’t stop at one listen…at least not me. It sounds like it could have been a cool Doors album track.

This British band formed in 1980 and debuted in 1982 with  A Taste Of Pink, on their Own Up label. They ended up with a few record companies that included Stiff Records. This song was on their album 1984 The Wisermiserdemelza.

They ended up making 4 studio albums altogether but called it quits in 1986 and later regrouped for a final single in 1997 but they failed to find commercial success.

Far Away


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

19 thoughts on “Prisoners – Far Away”

  1. Love this … never heard it before. Sounds more psychedelic than Mod to me – and I also think it takes on a bit of a Doors refrain. And who doesn’t love just that? 🙂

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  2. Brand new to me. Pretty good from the first listen through. Definitely sounds like the 60s not 80s, but in the 80s, so much was happening it still could have found acceptance maybe on a bigger label.

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    1. No it doesn’t sound 80s for sure. I like finding these songs I wish I would have found back then… I guess its a case of better now than never.


      1. The Prisioners sound really cool. I started listening to that album, “Thewisermiserdemelza”. While I have no idea what that title means, I know thing: These guys nicely rock! Have you heard “Hurricane”? It’s the second track on the album – really good!

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      2. I did listen to some of that album when I wrote this…I wrote this back in August. I just took another listen to Hurricane…yes it does rock! I couldn’t decide between a few songs on which one to post.

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