Happy Birthday to Keith Moon

August 23, 1946…I didn’t want to miss Keith’s birthday this year so I scheduled this before I took my break. I wanted to say hi today and I’m getting ready to be back here soon.

Keith Moon was to drummers what Jimi Hendrix was to guitarists…a true pioneer.  For my money, he was the best drummer and personality in rock and roll. He would have been 76 years old today. I can’t imagine a 76-year-old Keith Moon walking about earth today though.

In 2012 the Olympic Committee asked if Keith Moon could perform in the opening ceremonies…seriously. Their manager, Bill Curbishley“I emailed back saying Keith now resides in Golders Green Crematorium, having lived up to the Who’s anthemic line ‘I hope I die before I get old’ … If they have a round table, some glasses, and candles, we might contact him.”

If Keith would have only played drums to “Bargain” that would have been enough for me.

Keith Moon Card


keith moon TV



Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

44 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Keith Moon”

      1. I am looking forward to that myself but its still down the road! I’m still finishing up some things and I will be back soon…I have missed this a lot…but I needed the time off.

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    1. I totally agree…he seemed only to be happy with Kim his first wife but he was worse to her than anyone. That is a great book…and Tony Fletcher has a 600 page bio on him.

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      1. Yes that was…I think I told you I was about to order something from her…from her company and when I got to her site…it had just happen like weeks before.


  1. Well now we know “Who” it would take to bring you back on here! Yah, hope he’s having easy fun in the great beyond, it would indeed be difficult to imagine him at 76. Definitely a great drummer. It strikes me looking at the photos, man, he was pretty skinny for someone who hit the drums so hard so many years!

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    1. Yea he wasn’t a huge guy…he did get a gut toward the end but was working to get it off. I’ve read where he just didn’t run out of energy…the guy was like a timex watch lol…until the end of course.
      I just love his drumming…it’s like an orchestra behind the Who.

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    1. Thanks Lisa…It’s wonderful to be talking to everyone again. I’ve always thought Moon and Bonham were more important to their respective bands than other drummers.

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      1. I’ll tell you another really good drummer who was/is vitally important to his bands: Matt Cameron. He was with Soundgarden and then has been with Pearl Jam forever. He was also on the Temple of the Dogs album.

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      2. I knew him best with Temple of the Dog….I don’t know why but that is where I knew him best. Neil Peart would be in that list also. from Rush.

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    1. Thank you Obbverse…it’s great to talk to people again. I may post something this weekend and then start up for real the following Friday.
      How true that last phrase is.

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      1. It feels good plus I broke out around 2 weeks ago and have been writing posts…around 61 now and I had fun with it… I did need the time away.

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    1. Thank you! I’ll be fully back on the 2nd…but I’m so happy to get in here today.
      Oh yes…his drumming to me was so important to the Who…watching him in early clips was just amazing. I’ve never heard another drummer like him.

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  2. Hey Max, nice surprise seeing an early post from you before your “official” return.

    I don’t know much about Keith Moon’s personal history, but I know this: He was a hell of a drummer. I also think despite his volatile character he was a good guy at heart.

    I recall he was Uncle Keith to none other than Ringo Starr’s son Zak Starkey and gave him a drum kit when Zak was 8 years old.

    Keith also was a very troubled individual who battled addiction and became known for destroying hotel rooms. Unfortunately, his alcohol addiction took over eventually and sadly took his life way too early.

    Zak Starkey? He stepped into his father’s shoes and became a drummer. In 1996, he joined The Who. He’s still a member of The Who’s touring band to this day. How cool is that!

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    1. Hi Christian! I do miss being back… I’ll post something Saturday and then Friday after next I’ll be back for good. Maria is coming Friday so we are about ready.

      Keith was all in all a fun guy and yes…a great drummer….for my money the best rock drummer.

      The ironic thing about his death was that he was taking a certian pill to stop drinking….that should have been under a doctors care…he was winning the battle but took some….went to sleep…got up and took some more.

      Zak has been wonderful…he drums with the spirit of Keith…He was pissed he couldn’t join in 1979….he was a giant Who fan from way back.

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    1. LOL….I’ll be really happy to be back dude. I’m posting something Saturday and then the 2nd I’ll be back for good….I did need this though.


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