TV Draft Round 4 – Pick 1 – Mike Selects – Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad

Like many other TV bingers these days, there are few, if any, series that I watch in real time. After all, who has the patience to wait a week (or at a season’s end, over the summer) for the next episode to see what happens next in a suspenseful show. However, I did make an exception for the wild escapades of high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine maker Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Why? Well, the plot was just so unique and more so, its production, especially in terms of camera work, was nothing short of spectacular. The ways that producer Vince Gilligan found to use the camera were ground-breaking. Come on, who would have ever thought of filming from the inside of a refrigerator!

Before I get to the tragic tale of Mr. White, there’s also the music. I don’t think I have ever been so taken by the impact of soundtrack songs like I was in Breaking Bad.  There are two magic moments that come to mind. I still get chills running down my spine when I think of how Tommy James & the Shondells’ “Crystal Blue Persuasion” and Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” were used to such stunning effects. For the unfamiliar, it may help to know that Mr. White’s “product” had a unique-to-meth blue color. And the Badfinger song’s opening line of “Guess I got what I deserve” show appropriately set the show’s final scene. (Kudos also to local Nashville band The Silver Seas for getting their fab song “Catch Yer Own Train” into Season One.)

As with my fave series, The Sopranos, here we go again with White and his former student and now partner-in-crime, Jessie Pinkman, falling into the unavoidable anti-hero role. However, seeing all this suspense and drama from a first-person perspective was the only way to go for Breaking Bad. And how could you not resist rooting for a guy who simply was trying to get some extra money together for his family before he died of cancer.

What really makes the show so habit forming is how what starts out as such a simple innocent way to make a few bucks steamrolls into a monster enterprise attracting a cadre of despicable characters. This includes the metamorphosis of meek Walter into the evil Heisenberg. Even his demure wife gets into the act to help when the couple finds itself with an accumulation of cash larger than most banks. While the show is full of violence galore, it’s these same things that also gives the show more laughs than you’d ever expect in a crime drama. For me, the funniest moment was when screwball meth-head Badger explains how the pizza place they just ordered from passes on the savings by not cutting its slices.

But, Breaking Bad also uses the often employed, but head-scratching literary device of coincidence.  What are the odds that a guy who takes up making meth in Albuquerque, New Mexico would also have a brother-in-law who is the local head of the DEA who heads the task force hunting down the guy behind the new blue meth showing up on the streets! I’ll save the spoilers as to how these two end up.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, as Walter and Jesse respectively, both put in career-defining roles. And the supporting cast was just as spectacular, including Bob Odinkirk as sleazy lawyer, Saul Goodman, who would wind up with his own spin-off show, Better Call Saul, which is just about to start airing its final season.

I hope that all fans of the show did get to see the enjoyable El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, a Netflix sequel to the show that continues the story of Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman character. And as for the prequal of Better Call Saul, we fans look forward to hopefully seeing White and Pinkman appear on the show as its timeline moves forward and the show runs its course. And on a possible sad note, maybe we will find out why Saul’s lady friend, Kim Wexler, never made it to the Breaking Bad days.

In concluding, let me just say that this show is just so darn good that it is no surprise that in 2013 it entered the Guinness World Records as the most critically acclaimed TV show of all-time. That’s no surprise since how many shows have ever achieved the success of having each episode followed by a live recap and analysis show every week!


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12 thoughts on “TV Draft Round 4 – Pick 1 – Mike Selects – Breaking Bad”

  1. Fab writeup Mike! BB is in my top faves. So many great characters, such weird and fun plot twists… and yep loved the photography and flash-forwards. El Camino was satisfying, I guess. But I didn’t really need it. I am in the minority to have grown bored with BCS and bailed during S2…

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  2. Great write up Mike. I watched The Wire, Breaking Bad, and The Sopranos back to back so needless to say I didn’t watch them real time. It was a fantastic show with great characters…you are fully invested in them when it’s finished.
    Love the music and yea…the ending with Badfinger was icing on the cake.


  3. I remember how into BB I was when it aired. I was able to watch some of it on cable but had to finish it off the last season through buying it on amazon streaming. It’s entertainment of the highest level and the cast is so well-chosen. I haven’t seen the El Camino movie or Better Call Saul, but I hope to at some point. I would like to see the whole series again, starting with Better Call Saul and ending with El Camino.

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  4. Ah, this binge-watching must have the producers of TV series screaming in frustration- no one does want to wait a week anymore, but you gotta film one episode over six days, recoup the cash spent that week, but the customers want instant gratification NOW, and no waiting for the next hit. (Sound familiar, Mr White?)
    I admit to being part of the problem. I waited for Season one of ‘Fargo’ to end its run, then devoured the whole thing over a long weekend. Now i’m slowly, leisurely picking over its bones when I have the fancy for something of an odd taste. Patience? Who has the time nowadays?

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    1. You can count me as part of the problem also. When I do watch new shows…its a must to wait til the end of a season to start on it.
      I watch older shows like that also now.

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