Green On Red – Death And Angels

These guys were in the Paisley Underground movement in the 1980s. They should be a classic band but they never broke through to the masses.

The Paisley Underground Scene had many different types of bands. The sound they all had was not united. Bands like Green on Red more of a country-ish/stones rock and roll,  Rain Parade more of a Beatles type, The Bangles were more of a pop/rock band. The scene had about any thing you would want except major hits…The Bangles are the ones that really broke through.

Death and Angels

In the event (In the event)
Of sudden disaster (sudden disaster)
Just look into a face (look into a face)
That matters

Death and angels (death and angels)
On the ground (on the ground)
Death and angels (death and angels)
I swear
Fly around (fly around)

(ahh ahh)
In the case of a sudden (ahh ahh)
Point of view (ahh ahh)
(ahh ahh)
Just listen to your heart (ahh ahh)
I swear
(ahh ahh)
That’s what’s true (ahh ahh)

Death and angels (ahh ahh)
On the ground (ahh ahh)
I swear
Death and angels (death and angels)
Flying (fly around)

Seems so dark and lonely
Seems …
Feels so cool
Oh no —
The lack of compassion
(in the world) in our world


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

7 thoughts on “Green On Red – Death And Angels”

  1. not bad at all, pretty basic little song… once again it kind of falls into the “power pop” area that just didn’t seem to win over very many for whatever reasons. It seems surprising too, to me, that LA, such a big city, with the entertainment world circling it, seemed to lack music scouts and A&R types back then. More big acts came out of cities like Minneapolis, Athens GA and Boston than the City of Angels despite the number of seemingly talented bands in the early-’80s

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    1. And why the Bangles were the only one? Thats not a knock on the Bangles because I liked them but some of their peers should have made it also.

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      1. well, the Bangles did have the looks as well. Plus, they were willing to compromise quite a bit for Columbia Records, though they generally later regretted doing so. But your point is still very good… no doubt some of the others in that scene could have also done well nationally if they’d been given the chance.

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      2. Funny how time is… a decade before Fanny probably didn’t make it because they were females but the Bangles and Go-Go’s did in part…. because they were.
        Yes I think many could have broken through…though some like The Long Ryders were huge in Europe.


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