Watermelon Men – Seven Years

For everyone that follows me on the weekend…I’m working on a home project and I will only post one Twilight Zone each day with no music posts this weekend. Have a great weekend. 

This song was released in 1985 on the Watermelon’s album Past, Present and Future.

The Watermelon Men were a Swedish five piece band that were around from the mid Eighties up till 1994. They had quite a following in Sweden, Germany, England, among other places.

The band is still popular over ten years after they ceased. They are praised in power pop circles in Europe. They were mostly known for garage rock and brought good melodies with jangly guitars in a lot of their music.

When they were together they released three albums, an Ep, and three singles. One album remains unreleased…it’s up in the air on if it will come out.

The guitar player Imre von Polgar died in the tsunami disaster in Khao Lak in 2004. Shortly after, the band reformed for a one time show in his memory.

Seven Years

If the man can’t choose which way to go
If the girl don’t know where she belongs
Then you’re apt to say all the love can’t kill the pain
Till they meet, he’ll be a traveling man
When his hope was buried in the ground
In tears she left her man behind
The you’re apt to think seven years has passed today
Till they meet, she’ll dream her life away

You won’t feel, you’ll meet her someday
And in his arms, she’ll always stay
But it’s the story
No one ever fades

In surprise they think
When they both run from themselves
Till they meet, the story has no end

You won’t see, you’ll meet her someday
And in his arms, she’ll always stay
But it’s the story
No one ever fades


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

26 thoughts on “Watermelon Men – Seven Years”

    1. Thanks…no flooring for the living room…it’s going to be an ongoing project…our living room is huge unfortunately…it’s around 650 sq foot. So we won’t finish…that is for sure.

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      1. Only little ones a few inches high – but archaeologists have found remnants of gigantic ones – and they’re still possible apparently. There was a big one in Samoa a few years back. And New Guinea got one too.

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      1. I’m on a mission to get a trailer hitch put on my car and I finally found one. Once I pick it up I will take it to the place to be installed. Then once installed I will go to the bike shop to have the bike rack put on. Hoping to have it done by next week. Not sure if I told you but I’m taking a blogging break for the month of November (except for 2 hans music single posts.)

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      2. That is awesome Lisa. about the hitch…I meant to ask you if you did it yet.
        That is the best solution.
        As you can tell, I still struggle to keep up but it’s getting better…I just got so far behind in the past month.
        A break is good for everyone. I already have my TZ posts ready to go.

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    1. Again…you and I missed the boat on these bands in the 80s. I did hear the Replacements and REM but not many more.
      Yes it is sad about him.

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