My love of GODZILLA

No this is not a review of the new movie…just memories from a Godzilla fan. I will say though that I did enjoy the movie…The fight scenes are the best I’ve scene through this monster universe reboot…I felt like I was 10 again.

When I was a kid I loved monster movies. Huge monsters stomping through cities. My monster was and still is Godzilla. I watched all of those Japanese movies of the sixties and seventies and loved them. I will still watch one every once in a while. When I was around 11 I bought a monster book while on vacation in Florida. I took it to school and some jerk stole it. I would love to have that book back…so if you are out there…come on…give me the book back!

Godzilla Has A Bunch Of Ridiculous Movies That Actually Make King Of The  Monsters Look Sane - CINEMABLEND

My best friend growing up was named Ronald…he was and still is a huge Elvis fan and I am a huge Beatles fan (we both liked older music) and we would have good natured arguments over who was better. I still think I’m right!

Ok back to Monsters he was a Kong fan and Godzilla was my guy…another argument we would gladly have. After he sees the new movie we will probably have it again.

Godzilla Vs Kong Review | Movie - Empire

In 1998 a new Godzilla was in the theaters. I was so excited… normally I’m not a big fan of CGI BUT… with monster movies…oh yes! I could not believe what they did to my Godzilla…they made him a large sidewalk lizard. They changed his looks and sound. I didn’t think they would ever come out with anything again. At the time I did get some of the recent Japanese Godzilla movies and they were good.


why is zilla 1998 so bad? - Godzilla Forum

In 2014 the movie Godzilla came out and I felt like a kid again. This was the Godzilla (minus the man in the suit) that I loved as a child…

We all know Kong connects with people and that is a great thing but Godzilla is just so cool with his atomic breath and dorsal plates. Godzilla looks at people like ants but as long as we don’t attack him…he is cool with us…except if you own tall buildings on the coast! If you do you better get a lot of insurance.


Here is Godzilla through the years.

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49 thoughts on “My love of GODZILLA”

  1. When I was about eight years old, I remember going to a triple feature where the first movie was Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein and the next was Godzilla Versus Mothra, but the one that I liked best was the Manster. I am just wondering if you ever saw that one.

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  2. I really like all the old Godzilla movies. They lit a wee fire in me for monster movies. Particularly monster movies with heart (the reason I love Pacific Rim).

    I wasn’t much of a fan of the 2014 reboot (though it was better than the 1998 version by quite a distance), but I’m really looking forward to seeing Godzilla vs. Kong (I watched Skull Island recently and it was real treat).

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    1. In the 2014 movie…my biggest fault is there was not enough Godzilla. As far as humans + the monsters…I think Skull Island is probably the best.
      They try to tell a complicated story (hollow earth) really quick between fight scenes. I’ve watched the last one a few times and I like it more and more…the fight scenes are fantastic.

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      1. Hollow Earth is a fascinating concept… and used very well within Skull Island (even if skimmed a bit). Really pleased that Godzilla vs. Kong delivers the goods.

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      2. I was very scared they were going to make Godzilla look like a iguana.. I don’t like 1998 version at all!!!! But when I seen Godzilla in 2014 and finally seen his face. I jumped up in my seat and screamed they finally got it right. Then started crying because I was so damn happy. Im a Huge Fan!!!!

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      3. That was me also in 1998. I hated it…I liked the story but Godzilla was a sidewalk lizard.
        Me also about 2014! They even got the “roar” perfect.


    1. Thank you Rick but I should have expanded in this one…I should have mentioned when he was created etc… but I was having such a good time writing it. Caught up in the joy I guess. Yes…this is both of our territories.

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  3. my stepson and his cousin were watching the new one on a streaming service on Easter when we got there. Definitely hi-quality special effects. Only one of that type of movie I ever saw in full, I think was the old B&W King Kong… remember thinking it must have been highly impressive at that time for movie goers.

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    1. The original Kong I still watch…it is a classic. The model is still around which is really cool…but it’s only a metal frame now.
      Something about those monsters got my attention when I was a boy and now as a grown man…I still have it lol


  4. Will probably watch the new one this weekend. One of my all-time favs in the genre is “War of the Gargantuas.” Note that the green one is evil and the brown is good, symbolic of the uniform colors of the US and Japanese armies, respectively. The older monster flicks were heavily symbolic of the events around WWII.

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    1. Thanks Jeff I’ve never seen War of the Gargantuas…I will correct that really soon. I should have listed more on the history of Godzilla but I got caught up in the joy of it all.

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  5. I really enjoyed that video of how he’s changed over the years and have seen at least a few of them. Not sure if I want to see Godzilla fight King Kong. Reptile against reptile is one thing, but… A spin on Godzilla is Pacific Rim and that has some awesome Kaiju!

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    1. I did like Pacific Rim! This movie has a little of that same thing going on in it with the mechnical monster. Something about Godzilla just caught me as a boy…and lately, I find myself liking it again.

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    1. Well aren’t you Mr Sunshine! LOL… Hey it’s good escapism…but no I’m not I’m not expecting Citizen Kane… Oh you made my night with that comment.

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      1. Same page Max. Friday night around here is Horror, Noir, crime or mystery night. Just watched ‘The Last Man On Earth ‘last week. Originally B&W. They colorized it but we stuck with the original. Great Vinnie Price flick. Some pretty pathetic Zombie/Vampire action.

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    1. Oh no… you like the awful Godzilla! LOL…no I liked the actors alot just NOT what they did to Godzilla


      1. The Broderick/Azaria one was funny. The 2014 Godzilla with Cranston/Watanabe was good and different. I didn’t realize Watanabe reprised his role in a 2019 sequel.

        I also like Kong: Skull Island.

        I guess I like Kong & Gojira, equally! 😀

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