John Fogerty – Big Train (From Memphis)

Big Train (From Memphis)” was the B-side of “The Old Man Down the Road”, the first 45 rpm single John Fogerty released in 1984. It was his first single release since “You Got The Magic” in 1976.

John Fogerty’s album Centerfield was released in 1985. No one was sure if Fogerty would release anything again at that point. This song has a Sun Records rockabilly feel.

Despite being in the middle of the eighties, Fogerty didn’t really alter his style for this album. Many of these songs would have fit perfectly well on a Creedence Clearwater Revival album. John played all the instruments himself on this album.

It peaked at #38 in the Billboard Country Charts. The Centerfield album peaked at #1 in the Billboard Album Charts, #2 in Canada, and #48 in the UK in 1985. The song was recorded at The Plant Studios in San Francisco.

Big Train (From Memphis)

When I was young, I spent my summer days playin’ on the track.
The sound of the wheels rollin’ on the steel took me out, took me back.

Big Train from Memphis, Big Train from Memphis,
Now it’s gone gone gone, gone gone gone.

Like no one before, he let out a roar, and I just had to tag along.
Each night I went to bed with the sound in my head, and the dream was a song.


Well I’ve rode ’em in and back out again – you know what they say about trains;
But I’m tellin’ you when that Memphis train came through,
This ol’ world was not the same.


Author: Badfinger (Max)

Power Pop fan, Baseball fan, old movie and tv show fan... and a songwriter, bass and guitar player.

26 thoughts on “John Fogerty – Big Train (From Memphis)”

  1. I think the b-side was superior to the A-side. Not that I don’t like it but Old Man Down The Road feels like a song that took him maybe 3 minutes to write. Love that album. Also no city has had so many great songs written about it- or mentioned in the title- as Memphis.

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  2. Good country rock song in the style of CCR. Despite some strong songs like “The Old Man Down The Road” and “Mr. Greed”, is only half of the “Centerfield” album good or very good for me, the other half so-so.

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    1. The one I zero’d in on was I Saw It On TV and this song. I don’t like every song but I loved the album when it was released because it was in the middle of the 80s.

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      1. As I said Max, an album with good songs. A weak point about “Centerfield” for me is that the music sometimes sounds a bit “clinical”. Maybe because Fogerty had recorded all tracks without the help of another musician? No, it’s more that typical digital 80s sound that makes even John Fogerty sound like a meticulous cleanliness fanatic. At least compared to his previous albums.

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      2. I do agree with you on the sound of it…as you know I can be unfair at times toward the 80s but the production of that era leaves me cold with many songs.

        I only had one complaint with him doing all the instruments himself…he is not a natural drummer as I think McCartney is…the album could have used a real drummer.

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    1. It’s a good song…I liked it right away when I heard it in 85. I didn’t hear it on the radio much…they would flip Old Man Down The Road over and play it sometimes. This sounds like it came out of Sun Records.


    1. I snapped this album right up when it came out. Sorry for the late reply

      Man I woke up this morning with my laptop on my lap…I guess I needed the sleep.

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